5 Reasons To Consider A Truck Driving Career 

Over the years, the transportation industry has evolved. Considering how vital transportation is in people’s lives, it’s only expected that the need for commercial drivers will continue to increase. This includes the trucking industry, which is responsible for most overland logistics and freight movement.  

Given the recession and volatility in the job market, a truck driving career is one of the top in-demand professions of all time. Reports show that in 2020, 900,000 truck drivers were employed, while over 996,000 for-hire trucking carriers in the United States alone. 

Whether you are hired by a company or offer freelancing truck driving services, a truck driving career may come with many perks. And if you’re still undecided, you may consider the reasons below to know why it’s a worthy occupation.     

  1. Good Pay  

As you gain experience, truck driving careers offer excellent salary growth potential. However, many factors can influence your pay. For instance, it has something to do with the company that hires you, your personal rate, past experiences, expertise in driving different vehicles, and so on. There are specific types of vehicles that may pay more. For instance, a semi truck driver salary can be relatively higher than an average truck driver’s.   

On average, commercial drivers earn reasonable amounts of salaries every month. It can sum up to six figures by the end of the year. If you’ve been well-trained and in the driving industry for a long while now, you can even demand a higher pay rate than others. This is one good reason a driving career should be a sound choice.   

  1. Employee Benefits  

Aside from the pay they receive, truck drivers also have employee benefits, even at entry-level positions. This is another attractive reason why becoming a commercial truck driver is a great career choice. Regardless of your company, drivers can qualify for medical and life insurance.   

Especially if you’re a regular employee, you can enjoy many more benefits. It’s all about choosing the right company to sustain good employee benefits for you and your family. Some trucking companies or employers also offer retirement savings or pension plans, bonus incentives, and holiday pay. It’s best to check these benefits before signing a contract with a company.    

  1. Work Stability  

The trucking industry contributed USD$192.52 billion to the United States’ gross domestic product. This reflects the truck drivers’ significant contribution to the economy. Moreover, this could mean that the career opportunity is stable as long as goods need to be transported and parcels need to be delivered.  

In many industries, truck drivers are essential for receiving supplies and distributing products. You can expect stable demand for driving jobs wherever you are. Trucking companies are here to stay, and drivers can rest assured that they won’t ever lose their jobs because driving on the road is more convenient than other modes of transportation.     

  1. Freedom

Most corporate employees often work on a fixed schedule and an office space. While this works for many, some yearn for more freedom in terms of time and work environment. This is just one of the perks of a driving job. 

Drivers don’t have full work schedule flexibility, but they get freedom by traveling and visiting other places. In addition, some companies don’t require their drivers to wear a specific uniform, so they can wear comfortable yet appropriate clothing. Lastly, they can enjoy the music they prefer while on the road.  

Moreover, delivery schedules vary, so you can request a day or night schedule where you can work more efficiently. You won’t have to deal with traffic and peak times if your work shift begins in slow hours. The key is to choose a company that offers several work schedule options for drivers.   

  1. Support Of Technology  

Unlike in the past, driving in this current age is more convenient than ever before. After all, technology has enabled the transportation industry to make incredible advancements in recent years. You can leverage the global positioning system (GPS), virtual maps, cameras, entertainment features, and other functions that elevate your driving experience.  

Driving for long hours and on different paved roads can be made easier with the support of technology. Trucking companies now adopt state-of-the-art technology to improve deliveries and transportation methods to customers. This can be their one way to increase business productivity.    


If you think of it, there are numerous reasons why being a professional truck driver is an ideal occupation. Aside from the listed ones above, many drivers would share more great experiences about their job. You can steer your future into a rewarding career as a truck driver as long as you train well and get qualified to become one.