5 Reasons Concrete is Better than Asphalt

Not sure if you should consider an asphalt or concrete driveway?

RMC or ready mix concrete Essex is a concrete which is considered as a mixture of fine sand, cement, cement and aggregates. It is produced in a manufacturing factory or batched plant rather making it in the construction site. A specific portion of concrete products and materials are required to make this mixture. Once the mixture is ready, it is transferred to the transit mixer to the worksite where it can be mixed effectively. A cylindrical truck is considered a cement mixer which is used to mix RMC properly and carry the concrete mixture to the site.

The Ready Mix Concrete Essex is a flexible, durable and sustainable material. It is an eco-friendly product as it is mixed and prepared in a closed and clean chamber that reduces pollution noise and air pollution. Furthermore, a durable structure is contained as it enhances the productivity and service life. Keep reading to know and learn why people like you prefer concrete and want to make a switch from asphalt to concrete.

Why Concrete is Better Than Asphalt

Long Lasting

Concrete is the material that can outlast asphalt by a decade without requiring much maintenance and repairs. While you will still need to apply a concrete sealer, you do not have to seal the pavement as you often have to do with asphalt. Not only does mix concrete reduce repairs, but also improves driving conditions and saves your money for a long run.

Durable for High Traffic

RMC is durable enough to give a sustainable and long life to your floors. As it is capable enough to withstand the weight of heavy traffic, which is also helpful to maintain the durability of freeways, intersections and curved ways. Where certain types of asphalt are not strong enough to manage the heavy traffic. Intersections lead to wear out quicker than straight sections of road due to heavy turns and stops. Fortunately, Concrete roads are durable enough so they don’t pothole from heavy traffic.

Durable for heavy loads

Not only is laying concrete durable and good for highly traffic areas, but also it is good for trucks and heaving loading supplies. For instance, if you have a lot of semi-trucks coming in and out of your commercial property, you may want to consider the advantages of installing concrete. Ready mix concrete is strong and flexible to withstand the weight of loaded semi-truck trailers so you don’t have to pay hundreds or thousands of bucks for repairs. On the other hand, asphalt tends to create potholes or tear under pressure.


Concrete can be effectively colored and stamped that helps to improve the curb appealing of the community. Here community is considered as concrete designs, & incredible patterns of concrete that create an impressive and classy example that show well-cared city, home, society and commercial premises.

Improvement of Pedestrian & Motorist Safety

Decorative and classy concrete improves pedestrian safety and life concern of motorists because it clearly marks walkways. Concrete also helps improve safety because there are no potholes to trip over, especially after harsh freeze-thaw cycles. Consulting with concrete experts will be helpful to understand what you exactly want and what is right for installing your new decorative pavements with the help of concrete instead of asphalt.

Closing Thoughts

Ready mix concrete Essex (RMC) allows speedy recovery construction through programmed delivery at site and helps you to manage mechanised operation with consequent economy. Whereas investing on asphalt material can be costly and time consuming. RMC gives you consistency in quality through accurate and computerized control of sand aggregates and water as per mix designs. So production with concrete is extremely pollution and noise free. Thus, it is highly preferable and recommendable than Asphalt.