5 Quick Tips On How To Declutter Your Closet

You finally realized that you have a lot of clothes in your closet! Now it’s time to get rid of some of them.

Picture this, a wardrobe that is neat and organized. Everything has its place and doesn’t look like a department store fiasco. And oh, having that many extra spaces for other things that you want to tuck away.

Believe it or not, this is possible to happen to your closet. When you learn to declutter, it will be easier for you to store things, and it also means less stress on figuring out what to wear for a night out.

Letting go of some items in your closet is not rocket science. It can be overwhelming but it’s doable.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Schedule a time for decluttering

Decluttering is impossible to happen if you don’t make time for it. With your busy schedule, it is easy for you to forego decluttering your closet. You might need at least 30 minutes, or a few hours if your closet is as big as Cher Horowitz in Clueless. Set aside some time on weekends and get some boxes ready to put all the clothes you want to destash and sort it accordingly.

  • Be honest when doing inventory

Do you need 15 pairs of jeans? Do you think you’ll still be able to wear your college pink top after a few more years? And do you need 5 cashmere sweaters? Doing an honest inventory of your wardrobe is the hardest part of the decluttering process. Some clothes are still in good condition, but it’s been a while since you have worn them. Maybe it’s time that someone else should enjoy them. It’s liberating to have a neat and organized closet with all the things that you love to wear regularly.

  • Pull out all the clothes from your closet.

You have to see everything that’s inside your closet for you to know which ones to let go and which ones to keep. Your clothes are probably hidden in the abyss of your wardrobe, you don’t even know you have them. Unless you have tons of money, just buy a new property that’s bigger than what you have now. But in reality, you can’t get a bigger space to house all your clothes. 

Unfortunately, the best way to clean up your closet is to get rid of your other clothes for your other garments to be worn and not forgotten. Get rid of the clothes that don’t fit you anymore, donate it, or give it away to some friends. 

Also, let go of the clothes that need to be ironed every time you wear them. Once you have done this, your closet is narrowed down to the clothes that you want to wear. Hang them by category or color so you can easily see what you have.

  • Pick at least 2 sentimental items

One of the reasons why your clothes are piling up is because you are too sentimental about them. That dress you wore on your first date with your spouse, or a top that was given to you by a friend. They are awesome and have served you well, and now they’re just hanging around your closet after you stopped wearing them. We understand that you want to hold on to some things in your closet, but if it keeps piling up, it’s time to get rid of some. Instead of thinking when you can wear them again, give it to charity shops so other people can use it.

  • Clean the insides of your closet

Now your closet has much more space, it will only take 10 minutes for you to wipe them and dust off the baseboards and vacuum. You will be surprised with all the dirt that you have acquired in your closet for the years that you haven’t decluttered. Especially if you also store shoes in your closet, there could be so much bacteria hanging around inside your closet. So you have to do some cleaning before putting back all your other clothes inside your closet.

It takes courage and commitment to let go of the stuff you have for so many years. If you are pressed for time, you can spend 5 minutes a day cleaning up your closet in your condominium by easily sorting out some items that you want to give away. Doing this regularly can leave your closet more space and be in better shape when you let go of stuff that you don’t regularly use.