5 questions you should ask before associating with a Custom Web Development Company

Studies have shown that 38% of online visitors will leave a website in case of unattractive content, layout, or takes more than 4 seconds to load. That’s why professional custom web development companies are in high demand in 2021. Nevertheless, it is tough to spot the difference between an amateur and a professional one. 

The best custom web development services provider is someone who believes in delivering quality work and also clearly understands the project needs and examines the target audience of the organization and its product. In this document, we will list the questions related to the questions that you must to the Custom Web Development Company before signing the final contract. 

Once you are fully aware of what you need your website for, it is time to contact the Best Web Development Firms that can completely meet your needs. We have gathered a series of questions that may be fruitful during the interview and might reveal real insights about the company. 

1. Will you please describe the three most recent web development projects that you worked on?

An answer to this question will show the attitude of the agency to the projects that they have delivered. If the executive of the website development company is enthusiastic about web development and humbly speaks about their projects, then you can assure that this is the right company for your team. The answer can also demand how the candidate resolves problems. For instance, you can be more definitive and ask them how they handle conflicts in a web app when various people are editing the same data.

2. What new programming languages or technologies have you embraced recently?

In this fast-paced world, the skills have become out of date almost every two years. Hence, it is advisable to associate with a website development agency whose employees are willing to learn the latest technologies instead of someone who knows a particular technology not agreeing to learn the new one. The question about the modern skillset that the website developers have frequently achieved can demonstrate to you if they have a love for learning and if they are keen to continuously upgrade their knowledge. 

3. What is your honest review of our current website?

If you are hiring website developers or a particular web development agency to update or revamp your current website/web application, you might check if they have already conducted some research on your company or product site. This will demonstrate to you if the agency or candidate is keen on your project; perhaps they have already prepared suggestions on what can be done to enhance and optimize your website. 

4. What web technologies and platforms do you have expertise in?

There is an ocean of website development platforms available such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Wix, etc. An answer to this question will tell you how well the candidate knows the pros and cons of the platforms and why they would choose, for example, Magento over Shopify. If they talk confidently and name clear arguments, then it is a sign that your project will be in reliable hands. 

5. What is your production timeline?

The answer to this question will tell you how swiftly your preferred agency processes its daily tasks and delivers the projects without compromising the quality. You can ask them how much time they have spent on past projects/work and also how they relegate tasks effectively. The answers can guide you make in making an informed decision if you can count on them when we are talking about urgent tasks and tight deadlines. 


We hope that you are clear with what starter questions you should ask your potential Custom Web Development Company before you start developing a website for your next project. If you are seeking a partner with a long-term, reliable web development company to achieve new business goals and innovative ideas that will offer your customers extra value and make your enterprise stand out from the crowd, it is 8therate who will get the job done.