5 Purple Haze Feminized

Ask people to name a famous cannabis strain, and chances are Purple Haze is one of the first answers you’ll get. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a longstanding favorite among smokers for many reasons.

From growth characteristics to effects to visual appeal, Purple Haze is a sensational strain that deserves every ounce of praise.

Feminized Purple Haze seeds sprout into low-maintenance, manageably-sized plants that even beginners can have great success growing. Their lavish purple hues make cultivating this strain an absolute pleasure.

The rich, aromatic buds deliver a psychedelically stimulating and uplifting creative high. Stick with us to learn more about Purple Haze as we break down this strain’s genetic background, flavor, fragrance, effects, and more.

You’ll also get some invaluable advice on cultivating your own Purple Haze feminized seeds. Keep reading for indoor and outdoor tips on making the most of this hazy hybrid.

Purple Haze feminized seeds description

Breeders developed feminized Purple Haze seeds to make growing a productive crop of cannabis as stress-free as possible.

Non-feminized cannabis seeds can develop into males or females. While males have their uses, they don’t produce bud. If you want maximum harvests, you’ll want to use Purple Haze seeds that are feminized.

Male plants in your garden can pollinate your flowering females. Pollinated females stop producing buds, and any existing flowers will be seeded.

Purple Haze feminized seeds don’t have a Y-chromosome. As a result, feminized seeds sprout into healthy, productive females.

If you just want the facts on Purple Haze, check out this brief overview:

  • Seed Type: Purple Haze feminized seeds
  • Phenotype: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Genetic Background: Haze x Purple Thai
  • THC: 14–18%
  • CBD: 0–2%
  • Flowering Time: 9–10 weeks
  • Effects: Stimulating, euphoric, creative
  • Flavor / Aroma: Sweet, incense, and wood
  • Indoor yield: 17.5–21 oz. / m²
  • Outdoor yield: 21–24.5 oz. / plant
  • Height: 2–3.25 feet
  • Grow difficulty: Beginner

Purple Haze feminized effects

With its name paying homage to Hendrix and the swinging sixties, it’s no surprise that Purple Haze delivers a psychedelic high. The creative and energizing sativa buzz is ideal for spending a day with friends or enjoying time alone.

Within minutes of toking up, you feel this strain’s hazy effects descend on your mind. You sense an irresistible urge to smile as feelings of euphoria swell and take over. Laughter and cheerful conversation are guaranteed when someone breaks out the Purple Haze.

With moderate consumption, you find yourself feeling positive, confident, and filled with energy. The urge to interact can foster insightful discussion with others or facilitate explosive creativity for artistic users.

At higher doses, the effects of Purple Haze feminized approach trippy levels. Distorted sounds and visuals provide a fascinating backdrop to the heady cerebral ride. As the buzz begins to subside, many find themselves lost in introspection and contemplation.

Purple Haze feminized seeds produce plants containing moderately high levels of cannabinoids, which give the cannabis its psychoactive effects. Purple Haze buds contain 14–18% THC and 0–2% CBD.

While it may trail behind some of the newer, ultra-high THC strains, that hasn’t stopped Purple Haze from remaining a steadfast favorite. Lower THC levels also make this strain more accessible to low-tolerance users.

Take your time with Purple Haze if you’re less experienced. Give the effects time to take hold before smoking more. You’ll avoid any potentially undesirable side effects like mild dizziness or paranoia by pacing yourself.

As is common in powerful strains, you may experience cottonmouth or dryness in the eyes. You can easily treat these minor inconveniences by staying hydrated and applying eye drops if necessary.

Purple Haze feminized flavors

The stunning, colorful Purple Haze is a treat for all the senses. As harvest approaches, your grow room becomes filled with alluring scents of earth and sweet berries.

The fragrance intensifies in cured flowers, with added notes of incense and aromatic woods joining the bouquet of earth and berries. Sparking up produces a thick smoke with a slight spiciness in the mix.

Amazingly, the cannabis from Purple Haze feminized seeds tastes even better than it smells. The overriding flavor that hits your tongue on inhale is one of mixed tropical fruits and a deep earthiness. Incense and spice tickle the tongue on exhale, leaving behind a lingering fruity aftertaste.

How to germinate Purple Haze feminized seeds

Germinating your Purple Haze feminized seeds is a simple and natural process and perhaps the easiest part of cultivation. While you can buy purpose-built germination chambers, why not save some money and do it yourself?

The simplest, most natural way to germinate cannabis seeds is no different from germinating any other seed; you plant them in soil.

Simply make a small hole in the soil about an inch deep, place the seed inside, and gently cover it. Water, but don’t soak, the soil, and simply wait for the seedlings to poke through the surface.

This method is quite reliable and is the least stressful to the seeds but often stressful for the grower. Being unable to check the progress of the taproots can be worrying, but expect them to poke through the surface in about ten days.

If you’re not confident about germinating directly in soil, don’t worry. We’ve got two more cheap and easy ways to germinate your Purple Haze feminized seeds successfully.

Both methods can be easily monitored without disturbing the seeds and use basic household items.

First is the paper towel method. Get the following items together before starting:

  • Bottled / Purified water
  • Paper towels
  • Two shallow plates
  • A pair of tweezers
  • Your feminized Purple Haze seeds

When you’re ready to begin, follow these five easy steps:

  1. Take two paper towels and wet them using the water. Gently wring out any excess.
  1. Place one of the wet towels onto a plate. Place your Purple Haze feminized seeds on the towel, leaving a little space between each seed. Take the second wet towel and cover the seeds. Pour off any standing water.
  1. Use the second plate to cover the first, sealing the seeds inside. Chambering the seeds in this way will create a humid and moist environment.
  1. Put your DIY chamber in a warm, dark place. Check the seeds every 12 hours, and ensure the towels remain moist throughout.
  1. Once your Purple Haze feminized seeds sprout white taproots, move them to their starter pots with the tweezers.

You just need a glass and some water for our second method. Stick to these steps:

  1. Half fill the glass with water, add the Purple Haze feminized seeds.
  1. Leave the glass somewhere warm and dark undisturbed for 12 hours. Check on the seeds afterward and every 12 hours onward.
  1. As soon as you see any seeds with taproots, remove them from the glass and plant them. Don’t worry if some seeds are a little slow; they may not all open at the same time.

Within a few days, your feminized Purple Haze seeds should have all germinated. It’s unlikely, but any unopened seeds after a week are likely unviable.

Follow either of the above cheap and easy germination methods, and you’ll be nursing vigorous seedlings in no time.

Purple Haze feminized seeds grow information

Purple Haze feminized seeds produce exceptionally easy to manage plants that all growers can have great success with. This strain is low-maintenance and highly resistant to mold and disease, especially for a sativa-dominant cultivar.

Grow feminized Purple Haze seeds inside or out in the medium of your choice. Beginners usually stick to the simplicity of a soil-based grow, which improves the flavor profile of the cannabis. More experienced growers can use hydro for a boost to growth and yields.

Purple Haze feminized seeds develop into plants shorter than other sativa variants, so you don’t need a lot of vertical space. Keep the plants well-fed and lit during vegetative growth, and keep light coverage high by pruning away large fan leaves.

Once flowering begins, monitor and maintain humidity at 50–60%. As the buds begin to swell in size, you may need to provide some support to sagging branches. Reduce humidity once again to 40–50% for the last two weeks of bloom.

After 9–10 weeks, Purple Haze feminized rewards growers with a sumptuous bounty of sensational cannabis. Expect yields of 17.5–21 oz. /m² from well-tended indoor gardens.

Excellent results can be achieved by growing Purple Haze feminized seeds outdoors in a warm and sunny climate. Even those in cooler locations can bag a decent haul of buds once they harvest by October.

Plant your feminized Purple Haze seeds in a sunny spot and settle in for a highly enjoyable growing experience. The temperature difference between day and night that outdoor Purple Haze is exposed to causes the plants to develop delightful deep purple colorations.

Keep your garden well-pruned and stake the plants as the buds come in to avoid breakages. Under optimal conditions, Purple Haze produces generous amounts of stimulating cannabis. Expect to harvest a massive 21–24.5 oz. from every sun-kissed plant.

Purple Haze feminized seeds genetics

Feminized Purple Haze seeds contain a wealth of exotic landrace genetics, making for a delightful combination of flavors and effects from both sides of the world.

Breeders crossed the legendary Haze with the colorful Purple Thai to create this heavenly hybrid.

Take a look at the genetic background for Purple Haze feminized seeds here:

Thai landrace  Haze    Purple Haze feminized
South American landrace
N/APurple Thai

Where to buy Purple Haze feminized seeds

The iconic status of this strain means getting your hands on Purple Haze feminized seeds is quite easy. Where’s the best place to buy a packet? Let’s look at the options.

If you’re in a legalized state, you can check local head shops for feminized Purple Haze seeds. Just keep in mind, smaller stores may not have adequate storage facilities. Improperly stored seeds may be less viable than those kept correctly.

Medicinal seed dispensaries tend to have better facilities, so if there’s one near you, it’s worth checking. Remember, you need a medical certificate to buy anything from these dispensaries. This can add further cost and waiting time unless you’ve got one already.

Buying your Purple Haze feminized seeds online might prove the best option. Online seed banks have a larger selection of properly-stored seeds that usually beats out any brick-and-mortar establishment.

You’ll also be making a fully-informed purchase, as most online stores offer a wealth of info and advice on each strain. If you’re still hungry for knowledge about Purple Haze, check out Homegrown Cannabis Co. to learn more about the strain.

Purple perfection

Purple haze feminized delivers a mind-blowing psychedelic high that’s kept it a favorite of sativa-lovers for decades. The upbeat high is positively bursting with energy, optimism, and creativity, making it ideal for social occasions and creative pursuits.

Growing feminized Purple Haze seeds is a rewarding, low-stress experience that farmers of all skill levels can enjoy. Give these plants some TLC, and they’ll reward you with huge hauls of stunning purple buds.

If you’re ready to get cultivating, why not order some seeds? Head over to Homegrown Cannabis Co, and pick up a pack of Purple Haze feminized seeds today. They’ll have your cannabis seeds packed discreetly and shipped to your door in no time.