5 Promotional Items For The Holidays

Running a company or organization doesn’t have to be all business, all the time. Sometimes, you can take a moment out of your busy schedule to get some nice, amazing gifts for friends, colleagues, and clients alike. You can even leverage the holiday season to bring some goodwill and cheer to your customers. Why not give out or sell some custom promotional items for the holiday season? You can customize a message, add your logo, or personalize items to not only bring some positive attention to your brand but also to show you care. Here are five ideas for custom promotional items to consider making available this year.

Holiday Cards

Nothing shows you care quite like a message in card form. Holiday cards might seem a little cliche, but rest assured that people, especially regular customers/clients, love receiving them. They’re still quite popular, despite the availability of more electronic, faster greetings. A festive greeting card that contains your logo as well as a personal message can get people to think about your business all year long. Showing good will and cheer to your clients shows them you genuinely care about them Some ideas for promoting your business with greeting cards:

  • Send them to select clients whose addresses you have on file along with a discount coupon
  • Send them to everyone who comes to your business if possible
  • Use them as a Promotional giveaway when guests make purchases at your store
  • Distribute them at a company function, church, or social gathering

No matter how you choose to give them out, holiday cards are one of the best, most affordable, and very genuine gifts you can provide to clients, employees, friends, and families alike.


For the gift that keeps on giving all year long, consider calendars. Calendars are useful for so many things every day. You can write important dates in them, get magnetic calendars, or merely jot down some notes. One of the major benefits of handing out calendars is that they often contain gorgeous landscapes on every page giving the recipient something aesthetically pleasing to place on their wall. With your logo in the lower corner or other area of the calendar, they’ll see it every time they look at it all year long. With a beautiful picture on the wall and your name fresh in their minds, customers will probably want to come back as often as they can.


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for just about anyone, pens are probably not too far away from the mark. Pens and other custom logo items work in conjunction with each other to offer a fantastic promotional presence for your company while simultaneously providing Goodwill and positive impressions toward your customers. For instance, if you like to have a bowl of complimentary pens in your lobby area that contain your logo or business name, you can definitely do that in an affordable way. Pens can be engraved and come in different styles. Whether it’s click top pens or pens with caps, gel pens, ink, fine points, or ballpoint pens, there’s no limit to how you can customize your promotional items. Elegance, professionally inscribed pens can also make a great gift for that special someone. They’ll even come in a nice box in a variety of colors. Ultimately, pens are so versatile as gifts and promotional/marketing items that it seems like leaving money on the table not to use them for these purposes at any opportunity, let alone the holidays.


Just like calendars, planners can serve a very important function. Unlike calendars, they are much more portable. If your daily activities lean toward the complex side, the odds are you already use a planner of some kind. Why not share the idea with customers, employees, and friends? Using a planner is generally more focused than using a calendar, right down to the days, weeks, and months. It usually also contains extra paper for lists and a place to write down contact information. You can customize planners with your logo, include a nice pen, and sell them as a promotional item to customers. They also make fantastic gifts for special clients or employees who love to write, plan, and keep things organized.

Cups and Bottles

Everyone has to drink water every day. So, why not make it easier for the special people in your life and at your business to do so? Enter the custom logo cup and/or bottle. They make great sale items and gifts. From 12 oz cups to insulated tumblers, you can catch everyone’s eye and prominently display your logo on a sleek cup or bottle. Once again, these are items people will regularly use – often every day and in public – so having your logo imprinted upon them will definitely increase the visibility of your brand. Carrying a water bottle is basically a lifestyle these days so dipping your toes in the proverbial water can be an excellent move for your business this year and in the future.