5 Pro Tips to Make Your Zoom Meetings More Productive

Do you invest a lot of time on Zoom conferencing, but not getting productive results? If your answer to the question is yes, then you can come to the right place. In this article, we share 5 pro suggestions for making your Zoom video chat more fruitful and practical. So without delaying anymore, let’s get in…


  1. Utilize the Zoom Waiting Room Function

Have you ever noticed someone entering your meetings without your consent? Maybe you have seen such things. If you wish to keep your Zoom conferencing tidy and less distracting, the Waiting Room feature can save your day. When you enable this function, nobody would be able to join the meeting without your approval. You will need to admit everyone whoever wants to join the meeting. In most computer Zoom clients, this feature is enabled by default. 

In some cases, you may wish to turn it off, especially when you want to accelerate the joining process. Manually admitting every single participant in a large gathering can be hectic, so it is a good idea to turn it off when you need everyone to join the meeting promptly. 


Here’s how to turn on and off the Waiting Room on Zoom Cloud Meetings:


  1. As the host of the meeting, while you enter your session, click on the Security icon on the bottom.
  2. Then, click on the Enable Waiting Room option to turn it off. 
  3. To turn it on once more, click on the Security icon and then select Enable Waiting Room. 

That’s how to enable or disable the Zoom Waiting Room function promptly. 


  1. Mute All & Give Each Member a Chance to Talk 

Another issue that most Zoom users experience is that they find everyone speaking randomly to each other. Sometimes, this makes it very hard to understand who is talking and what it is trying to interpret. This issue is mostly seen amongst the amateur folks. To fix this and let everyone share their thoughts, you can mute everyone and unmute the speaker’s microphone. You can also implement this even if someone is delivering a short speech or comment. That way, all would be able to make the most out of a Zoom conference.


  1. Record the Meeting

Suppose you were in a meeting, and someone raised a practical idea or a productive strategy that you wish to use in your prospects? Recording all of your chats can be highly beneficial to you and your business. You might want to use the most engaging moment of your last meeting to encourage your audience or staff. There is no rocket science in recording a Zoom meeting if you are the host. Here’s how to do it: 


  1. When a session starts, locate and tap the Record icon on the bottom. 
  2. When you click the Record button, the recording will start automatically.
  3. You can use the Pause button on the bottom to skip a less vital part of the meeting. 
  4. When the meeting finishes, you can click the Stop button to finish it. 
  5. Next, once you end the meeting and close the Zoom client, your Zoom meeting recording will start converting into an MP4 video file.

Once that completes, you will be able to play and use your Zoom recordings. 


  1. Provide a Follow-Up to All Participants   

When you hold a Zoom conference for business purposes, it is vital to notify everyone what’s their duties and what they should remember. If necessary, you can create personalized or generic follow-up emails for all members. This will help all of your team to work more effectively with clear goals.  


  1. Ask the Participants for Their Feedbacks and Suggestions 

If you seriously want to make your upcoming meetings fruitful, then it is a must-do step. Even if you try your best to make your virtual meetings best, you won’t be able to make them truly best. You need to know what others think. They might suggest something very appealing to make your meetings far better. 


Wrap It Up


Zoom Cloud Meetings is the best video conferencing tool without any doubt, but it is just a tool after all. You need to put some more effort and creativity into your meetings to make them productive. The five tips mentioned in this article for optimizing your Zoom conference might upsurge your performance during your anticipating virtual conferences. If you are facing some technical errors while using Zoom Cloud Meetings, then also read how to fix Zoom error code 5003. and How to Fix Nokia Lumia Error Code 805a0190- Easy Solutions