5 Pro Tips for Marketing a Product or Service

Nowadays, with social networks, email marketing, blogs, videos, and paid ads, it’s easier than ever to reach an audience and sell a product.

On one hand, you can build solid relationships with your audience and gain their trust, so when your product is ready, it’ll sell faster. On the other hand, consumers are much pickier when it comes to products and brand loyalty, and will go to your competitor if you don’t play your cards right.

Curious to learn the most effective ways to put your product out there? Keep reading to discover five essential ways of marketing a product and finding the perfect target customer for your business.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the bread and butter of many companies and brands, but not everyone succeeds on social media. What you post is crucial for building brand awareness and gaining the trust of your followers.

Posting random photos, quotes, and products is not an effective strategy — your audience needs to be engaged and interested in your content in order to buy. This is why you need to find the right approach and sell without being pushy or annoying.

Before people buy from you, they want to get to know your brand, read some product reviews, see how you interact on social media, and build a level of trust.

When it comes to choosing the best social media channels for you, avoid opening accounts on every single platform. This can be overwhelming if you don’t have a big team because you’ll need to publish different content on each platform. For starters, choose 3 platforms and focus your content creation there.

Ideally, these would be 3 platforms with slightly different demographics to make sure you’re reaching a wide audience. You can discover what your audience is like through insights and analytics so you can decide if your content efforts bring results.

2. Influencer Marketing

The best way to learn how to advertise a physical product is to work with influencers. These are people with a huge amount of followers that trust their opinion and buy the products they recommend.

For example, if you sell fitness water bottles, you can work with fitness, bodybuilding, lifestyle, and health/nutrition influencers. They can promote your product on their Instagram page, stories, YouTube channels, blogs, or email newsletters.

The ROI on influencer marketing is pretty good, so you’ll not only get sales, but also new followers and customers that might not have heard about your product otherwise.

3. Blogging

If you’re not blogging in 2020, you’re missing out on valuable traffic, leads, and building relationships with your customers. Blogs are not just good for SEO – they’re a source of relevant, important, and helpful information for your customers where they can read about your products and learn some new tips.

Having a detailed content marketing strategy can help you position your product and company as an authority in your niche. The more interesting content you publish, the larger the audience you’ll attract, which will translate into more sales.

Wondering how to market a new product through blog posts? The best way to go is through guest posts. This is basically free promotion – you write an article for a popular blog, and both sides win: you get more eyes on your product and the blog gets free content.

You can share blog posts on social media or in your newsletter, and they stay online as long as you have a website. Search engines will rank your website higher if your blog posts generate a lot of traffic, which means more potential customers.

4. Paid Advertising

Whether it’s TV, radio, billboards or the internet, paid advertising is still one of the most widespread marketing methods. You can reach a huge audience in a single campaign and track sales to see how effective the campaign is.

If your audience is mainly on social media, consider running paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Then, you can expand to display ads on search engines, banners on popular blogs, or try native advertising through networks like Outbrain and Taboola.

You can set up campaigns yourself and start advertising for as little as $5. If you target the right audience and demographics, and your ad is well-made, you can generate sales within a single day. However, effective ads take time and money, so if you’d rather have professional marketers handle the campaigns for you, consider Motion Agency’s custom advertising solutions.

5. Video Marketing

You don’t have to be a vlogger to succeed with video marketing – you can still make videos to sell your product without even showing your face. Video is the future of marketing, so you should leverage its power and create fun, engaging, and informational videos for your target customer.

For example, if you sell a physical product, you can explain how it works, what the benefits are, ask customers for testimonials, or make an in-depth tutorial. You can also make a video of your team using the product, or document the journey of making the product and bringing it to market.

On the other hand, if you sell a service or a digital product, you can make a useful video on the topic to help solve a problem for your audience. Then, you can offer your service or digital download as a more detailed, customized option for those who need it. You can also make a free online course for your audience and follow up with an expanded paid version of the course.

Marketing a Product Is Easy With These Tips

Whether you’re a new business owner or have been around for years, marketing a product takes a bit of creativity, persistence, and knowing your target market.

From paid search engine ads to social media marketing and influencer campaigns, it’s all about reaching the right customer on the right channel. Customers need to trust a brand first before they decide to buy, and you can build this trust through social media, blogging, and email marketing.

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