5 Plumbing Mistakes That Can Damage Your Office Building’s Structure

No matter how expensive the installation may have been, your office building will always need routine plumbing maintenance. However, the usage of this system determines whether you’ll need a repair every month or every year. A lot of people make unintentional plumbing mistakes that can severely damage a building’s structure. If such mistakes are neglected for too long, you’ll have a problem on your hands bigger than you would ever like. These damages require hefty amounts of money to fix too. Not to speak of the inconvenience they bring about; they can even cause the entire building to pause all operations until the damage is fixed. Therefore, it’s imperative to be familiar with the proper use of plumbing to ensure seamless functioning across your office building. Here we’ll discuss common plumbing mistakes that can damage your office building’s structure.

Excessive Use Of Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you take a good look at the bottle of the chemical drain cleaner, you’d know why there is a warning label right on top of it. Drain cleaners are intended to unclog your drains which is why they contain harsh and intense chemicals. These chemicals, when poured into a clogged drain, efficiently unclog it. However, if you use these drain cleaners daily against constant blockage in your drain, it could make things worse by damaging the pipes. Luckily, you can fix that by making use of commercial water damage tips, or better yet, getting professional help.

Since pipes are made of PVC or metal, people believe that anything you do won’t damage it. Well, that is not true. Considering how dangerous these drain cleaners are, daily use can actually weaken the pipes slowly but surely. Plus, if your drain gets clogged every other day, there may be an underlying issue that needs to be resolved urgently!

Connecting Dissimilar Pipes

The term itself says that it is not a good idea to do so. Connecting pipes of different sizes is surprisingly a very common mistake many people make. However, in almost all cases, it has resulted in a mess. Using a proper connecting piece may work for some time or so, but different sized pipes will eventually detach on their own, thereby damaging your building. In addition to this, the pipes that you’re connecting should be made of the same material. Otherwise, it can result in an overall hassle. For example, when you connect copper pipes with one made up of galvanized metal, they start reacting together. This reaction destroys the connecting piece, therefore, causing leakage.

Keeping The Hose Connected To The Water Valve In Winters

Ever wondered why the majority of indoor floods take place in winters? That’s because most of the time, people don’t care about disconnecting the hose from water valves. This makes the water in the pipes freeze, and since the pipes are not designed to accommodate this expansion, they burst. This bursting damages the entire building causing a massive loss. Therefore, don’t forget to disconnect the hose when it starts getting chilly in your area if you want your office to be safe from an indoor flood.

Rushing Through Repairs To Make Office Building Functional Again

We understand that even a day off causes devastating loss, and overcoming it is no child’s play. However, it doesn’t validate rushing through the plumbing process. One pipe left undone or one valve left unclosed can cause an even bigger mess later on. After all, haste makes waste. Consequently, don’t ever make your employed plumbers hurry and let them do their work with peace because rushing may do more harm than good to your office’s plumbing structure.

Wasting Grease In Drains

Given how grease is more on the liquid side, wasting it in bins does not seem right. Pouring it down the drain feels like the right thing to do. But that’s not actually the right thing to do. This can cost you a lot of time trying to unclog the drain because the grease in the drain dries out after some time and accumulates there. That can often happen in office kitchens too, which can be even bigger of a risk because if the grease clogs and takes up a bigger area of the pipes, it can block the entire plumbing system and thus damage the office building in several ways.

After knowing all this, hopefully, you won’t let these common plumbing mistakes ruin your office. Though it may seem natural for you to try and rush the process so that the office can get back up and running in no time, it is crucial to let the process take its time. Hastily going about the process can make room for several plumbing mistakes, which can result in more damage than the initial stage. So, keep a lookout for these errors and do your best to avoid them.