5 physiotherapy treatments for a stiff neck at Physiotherapy South Perth

How do you treat a stiff neck? If you go to the doctor and they diagnose you with torticollis or a wry neck, how can you help make it feel better? At Integrity Physiotherapy in South Perth, WA, we have five different physiotherapy treatments for a stiff neck that are ideal if you want to improve your range of movement and reduce the pain associated with torticollis or a wry neck. Let’s take a look at these five treatments and how they may be able to help you.

1) Introduction

Are you suffering from a stiff neck? At Integrity Physio, we understand the pain and discomfort that comes with a stiff neck, and we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the best treatments available. Whether you’re looking for relief or prevention of a stiff neck, our Physiotherapists at Integrity Physio in South Perth can help. We offer a variety of treatments tailored to the needs of each individual patient, including manual therapy, mobilization, posture correction, and exercise. With our expert guidance and care, we can help you find relief from your stiff neck and reduce its recurrence. Read on to learn more about the physiotherapy treatments we offer at Integrity Physio for a stiff neck.

2) Neck stretches

If you’re suffering from a stiff neck, it’s important to take care of it as soon as possible. Thankfully, at Integrityphysio in South Perth, we have a range of effective physiotherapy treatments that can help to reduce tension and improve your neck mobility.

Neck stretches are essential to treating a stiff neck and can provide lasting relief. By stretching the neck muscles, you can help to reduce the build-up of tension and stiffness that can occur due to poor posture or other issues. 

At Integrityphysio, we provide a variety of neck stretches that are tailored to suit your needs. Some of the common neck stretches we offer to include shoulder rolls, side-to-side stretches, neck rotations, and chin tucks. Each stretch should be done with slow and controlled movements and held for at least 20 seconds before releasing.

Remember to consult with your physiotherapist before attempting any neck stretches to ensure they are suitable for your current condition and won’t cause any further damage. With the help of Integrityphysio’s experienced team of physiotherapists, you can get relief from your stiff neck and start feeling better in no time!

3) Neck massage

Getting a neck massage is one of the most common treatments for a stiff neck. It helps to reduce pain and stiffness in the neck muscles while improving circulation in the area. At Physiotherapy South Perth, our highly trained physiotherapists can perform specific massage techniques to help reduce your neck pain and stiffness. Neck massage not only relieves neck pain but also improves the range of motion and flexibility in the neck muscles. Neck massage helps to reduce tightness and release tension, which can improve your overall posture. With regular treatments, you can expect to see an improvement in your overall neck health and mobility.

4) Hot and cold therapy

Hot and cold therapy is an effective physiotherapy treatment for a stiff neck. Hot and cold therapy can help reduce inflammation, relax tight muscles, improve circulation, and relieve pain. At Physiotherapy South Perth, we use to heat and ice packs to provide this therapy to patients.

The heat helps to relax the muscles in your neck and increase circulation, while cold helps to reduce inflammation and pain. This can be applied through a hot water bottle or wheat bag placed on the affected area, or with a cold pack.

We usually recommend starting with heat as this helps to relax the muscles and can make it easier for us to assess the patient’s condition. Once the heat has been applied for 10-20 minutes, a cold pack can be used for 10-15 minutes to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Heat and cold therapy should not be used on areas where there are open wounds or any other skin problems, such as cuts, bruises, or sunburns. If you have any questions about how to use this therapy, please ask one of our experienced physiotherapists at Physiotherapy South Perth.

5) Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a popular treatment option for people with stiff necks. This form of physiotherapy involves the use of sound waves to target and penetrate deep into the muscle tissue, resulting in increased blood flow and relaxation of the muscles. Ultrasound therapy can reduce pain, stiffness, and tension in the neck area and can be used as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to improve mobility and strength. At Physiotherapy South Perth, we use ultrasound therapy to help reduce muscle tightness and restore range of motion. Our team of experienced physiotherapists can tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs, helping you get back to a full range of motion without pain or discomfort.


In conclusion, a stiff neck can be a serious issue, and it is important to seek professional help from a physiotherapist to ensure proper treatment. Physiotherapy South Perth offers a range of treatments for stiff necks, ranging from manual manipulation, stretching, ultrasound, and more. By taking advantage of these treatments, you can help ensure that your neck remains flexible and pain-free. Integrity Physio is dedicated to providing the best possible care for its patients, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands when seeking treatment at Physiotherapy South Perth.