5 Outstanding Tips for Video Content Marketing

Video marketing is an important component of marketing today. Statistics show that 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day and marketers using videos receive 41% more traffic from search rather than non-users. This shows that video content marketing is an absolute must if you want to run a successful business. Though it may be vital for business, it is worth knowing exactly how to do it effectively.

You may think that all it takes is a simple recording and posting of videos however there are various types of marketing videos to get familiar with. These include product demos, vlogs, expert interviews and tutorials.Many people opt to do their videos on their own however Wow How Studio is the perfect go-to to ensure your video gets more traffic and conversion.

Once you develop a strategy that is aligned with your goals, there are things that can be done to boost the reach of your video. Below are five tips:

  1. Tell a story – be relatable. Try not to be too salesy in your video. You need to connect with people whether you have written, audio or visual content. Try to focus on adding value to the audience’s lives by providing them with advice or information that prompts a response. Blog posts are ideal in this regard as they can ignite strong emotions in the viewers through story telling. This can be done by providing real-life examples of how your product has enhanced someone’s life. People want to be told a story rather than being told what to do or what to buy. Show a level of concern in your videos so that people choose/prefer your product to others. Knowing what you have to offer and tailoring that content to your buyers can make a significant difference. Within the video production strategies, you will find a powerful tendency called story marketing, which focuses on capturing the emotions instead of proposing complex concepts. You only have a few seconds to capture all the attention. This is ultimately what sets you apart.
  2. Come in strong – make sure that the first 10 seconds count, as this is the hook. If this is not compelling, then most of your audience will click away from the video. You need to make it clear from the onset what they will gain from watching your video. Audiences will naturally want to know what’s in it for them. Try to display the end result at the start, ask a thought-provoking question, present a problem and ensure that you also add in a fact that shows research has been done. When you watch any video, the first few seconds make the most impact and they determine whether you will click away or stay and watch the entire video. Therefore, ensure that the information you put out in the first 10 seconds is captivating.
  3. Include captions – This is because many people watch videos without the sound. Even if you are doing well with your posts, chances are you could do even better by adding captions. Furthermore, over 5% of the world’s population has impaired hearing and captions allow them to enjoy the content. Many people are also unable to watch videos with the sound on, like those at work, in public transport or at events that require silence. This is a great way of reaching more people and allowing more people to interact with you.
  4. Enhance your video search – Search Engine Optimisation is a big part of digital marketing. Google and YouTube are the largest search engines and optimising your video marketing ROI to meet their standards can greatly improve your results. This will ensure that all content is created with the top-level standards and thus can get your video trending.
  5. Call to action – you may already be aware that a Call to action is important. Viewers that watch your content until the end are probably very interested in your product or offering and can be referred to a “qualified leads”. You will need to steer them in the right direction and prompt some type of action on their part such as subscribe, start a free trial or browse the product catalogue. Call to actions don’t just have to be at the end, they can be throughout your video so that people are constantly aware what needs to be done next. A constant reminder will invoke feelings of compulsion in the viewers.

You should also share your content on all social media platforms so that it reaches more people. Try and get people to re-share your content or participate in a discussion. You can also add competitions or give-aways on your post so that people are compelled to share your post with as many people as possible.