5 Outdoor Activities You Can Do To Help Reduce Stress

When work has you pushed to the brink and you feel like you desperately need a break to maintain your mental health, you might be in serious need of some San Diego stress relief. Whether it’s your career and hectic schedule that have you feeling overwhelmed or you’re simply stressed from the constant stream of news you hear 24-7, taking the day off to spend some time looking at tide pools San Diego, for instance, can go a long way in easing your mind. The great outdoors can help you disconnect from virtual work and the news cycle, and has been shown to have numerous positive health effects.

1. Spend Some Time by the Water and Learn More About Wildlife

If you’re an animal lover and you want a way to spice up spending time outdoors, you may want to consider combining your nature time with wildlife activities. Some possible options to consider include:

  • Going whale watching San Diego
  • Visiting your local zoo
  • Spending time in the park looking at the squirrels
  • Stopping by your neighborhood animal shelter

2. Look Up Relaxing Hikes in Your Neck of the Woods

A fun way to combine your daily exercise with a dose of natural relaxation is going for a hike. You don’t have to travel too far to find a beautiful place to hike – try looking up different hiking options in your neck of the woods. It’s likely you’ll be able to find several trail options within driving distance of you.

3. Take Your Hobbies, Like Reading or Knitting, Outdoors

If you were planning on spending your Saturday indulging in hobbies like knitting a sweater, reading a book for fun or playing cards with a friend, why not take those hobbies outside? On days when the weather is pristine, you can go to the local park and sit under the tree to get your vitamin D and enjoy the sunshine.

4. Try Biking Through an Unexplored New Area

A great way to explore a new area without getting too tired out on foot is to go biking. If there’s a spot near you that you’ve wanted to see, consider pulling your bike out, putting your helmet on and taking a calm bike trip to go sightseeing.

5. Go To a Distanced Outdoor Sporting Event or Concert

When it’s safe to do so, enjoying a distanced outdoor social event can help get your mind off your to-do list. Popular outdoor options typically enjoy sporting events or concerts, but you could even have a small meet-up with friends or hit up a farmer’s market if you wanted to.

Though you may have to be tuned in to screens and to-do lists for your job, constantly staying virtually connected and spending all of your time indoors working is bound to take a toll on your health eventually. In order to maintain prime health and a good work-life balance, it’s imperative that you take a little tie off and spend more time outdoors once in a while. When you feel like you need some time away from the desk, try one of these tranquil activities you can do in your area.