5 Online Marketing Strategies That Will Make You Boost Your Small Business

Whether starting a small consulting business, opening a cafe, running a local consignment shop, or developing a legal advice business center, entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways on how to attract business without crashing the bank.

Online marketing strategies don’t have much difference with traditional marketing strategies when it comes to the purposes and goals. Online marketing has many components which include every aspect of online advertising from creating contents to delivery and sales.

These components can be merged to form five basic online marketing strategies that can be used for any kinds of small businesses to boost their revenue.

1. Get more visits by search engine marketing

The first online marketing strategy used by experts like Johnny Chen is by using search engine marketing, and it has two primary components. The Paid Search Advertising which can get visits from search traffic, however, payment is needed. And the Search Engine Optimization which can help get more visits from search engines for free.

In getting more visits, it is important to make sure that the page is optimized for searching. Things like the web page speed, page title, descriptions, design and structure, Google authorship, fresh contents, incoming links, ALT text for images, and much more.

When making changes to the website to improve the search engine optimization, the changes will not be taken right away into account by other search engines or even Google. Great patience and constant monitoring on the pages for improvements in the ranking is crucial.

2. Providing best experiences by mobile marketing 

Usually, after the search engine marketing strategy, some are expecting to find content marketing or social media marketing as the next online marketing strategy which is best for small businesses. However, the rise of mobile searches increases the significance of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing provides the users with an excellent experience when browsing the website on their mobile devices.

In providing a great experience to the users, the website should look usable and good when viewed through a browser of any mobile device. That’s why it is important to have a mobile version of the site.

Another way is to offer native apps to the users where they can download from Google play, iTunes store, Amazon store, or windows store and have it installed on their devices.

A native app differs from a mobile website because it still needs to hire a mobile developer to create an application for the particular platform.

3. Building loyal visitors by content marketing

As per Johnny Chen, an expert digital marketing strategist, in every online marketing campaign, content marketing is the heart. Once there is already a good foundation which is by using search engine marketing strategy and then having the best delivery platform to provide an excellent experience through mobile marketing, the next step is to create content.

Creating contents will build more loyal clients, social media shares, comments, and the most significant of all, sales.

The primary goal of content marketing strategy is to develop high-quality contents that the readers want to read and also to persuade the readers to become customers or to register for a newsletter, vote for a poll, or follow on social media.

Before producing content, whether it is a video, image, or an article, it is important to think of how the readers or customers can benefit from that specific content. 

In the last few years, publishing numerous amounts of content to deceive search engines used to succeed but not anymore. It is more crucial to have few broadcast pages that have a good content than having many published pages that have a low-quality content.

4. Gain more attention by Social Media Marketing

After managing to have a great content, it is time to extend the word out through a well-planned social media marketing.

There are two purposes for social media campaigns. It is to obtain as many possible followers so that the brand and content gains as much attention, and to increase visits from different social network sites that will finally convert into consumers.

It is important to establish a good appearance in leading social media sites such as google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest by engaging with interested people in your page, brand or products, and by sharing useful contents on a regular basis.

It is not an easy method to follow, and it is also time-consuming to promote campaigns on different networks at the same time. However, this is how online marketing is being effective for small businesses. The best thing is that social media traffic does convert sales.

5. Get high rankings for searches by local SEO strategy

If talking about small businesses, it is more suitable to have local SEO listed as the last plan. Local SEO is important for every business that has a physical address because it can help in finding more customers online.

The main reason why it is important to apply the local SEO strategy is to obtain high rankings for searches around the same area.

The five online marketing strategies listed above are excellent and proven to produce fantastic results. However, there are still some other ways to boost more traffic coming to the small business’ website.

  • Promote directly on another internet site.
  • Guest posting on high traffic websites to raise the online reputation and to attain traffic from other sites.
  • Register on the internet site as a web application in the Chrome store to generate more result of quality traffic coming to the website.

Things to consider before launching an online marketing

The execution of the strategies matters, but if there is no proper research and foundations, the business’ potential will still be crippled. So, before starting an online marketing, make sure to consider these prerequisites is a must.

  • Knowing the goals and targets

The general goal might be the success of the business. Digging into some market and competitive research is learning more about the industry’s prospect. It is important to set a goal for the firm, including who is the target customers, the reason for targeting them, and the exact numbers of the target.

  • Verify individual responsibilities

It is important to know who is responsible for managing the business, or what exactly are they responsible. Making this clear before starting is crucial, or specific responsibilities might be shuffled.

  • Establishing conversion chances throughout the site

No matter how diverse the audience is, the real value is still going to be the people who are clicking through the website and converting. Therefore, before posting anything, it is important to make sure that the site is fully optimized for customer’s conversion.

  • Ensuring that the profiles are filled out

It is important to assure that all social media profiles are filled out with information about your business. It will serve as the first impression for most clients for the company.

These steps are not a guarantee that the firm will stay in the air, and cannot guarantee to have a great landing or takeoff, but they are important for having a good chance to succeed.


Small businesses can be successful online if they follow the proven practices and strategies. In building the website, the first thing to look at is the search engine optimization. Whenever it is already applied, enhancing the delivery channels by doing mobile strategy is next. After that, making sure that there is content that matters and makes sense is necessary to have an effective content strategy. Lastly, is to implement social media marketing to reveal the content into the world.

Johnny Chen is the lead SEO specialist at Johnny Chen, SEO internet marketing. Over the years of research and development, he has continued to expand towards making website conversion more applicable for his onboarding clients with additional services such as content creation, social media distribution, and web development.

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