5 Neck Pain Concerns That Should Prompt a Trip to the Doctor

Leaning over your PC for hours on end, using an inappropriate pillow, or carrying a huge bag on your shoulders could stress neck muscles and render it difficult to move the head. Typically, these difficulties subside after several days of home care. Occasionally, though, neck pain demands medical attention. The McNulty Spine staff, headed by spine specialist and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Patrick S. McNulty, focuses on treating numerous reasons for neck disorders. While it is common knowledge to see a physician for neck discomfort following an injury, vehicle collision, or fall, it is advisable to arrange a Las Vegas neck pain consultation if you observe one or more of the following symptoms. Read on to learn more.

Your Pain Lingers Longer Than Anticipated or Affects Sleep Quality

Generally, neck discomfort caused by transient muscle strain surges and progressively subsides over several days. You may accelerate the recovery process by using anti-inflammatory drugs, including ibuprofen, warm compresses, and adjusting your routines to relax your neck muscles. However, if your neck pain persists, intensifies instead of improving, or keeps you from sleeping, you should consult a spine expert.

You Experience Pain in Your Arms, Hands, or Shoulders

Neck discomfort coupled with tingling or burning sensations that extend to the arms, hands, or shoulder is indicative of spinal nerve compression, also known as radiculopathy.

Radiculopathy, which is frequently triggered by age-related disorders, including degenerative disc illness, typically responds to conservative therapy with physical therapy, oral drugs, or injection therapy to alleviate swelling and calm inflamed nerves.

If your symptoms worsen or affect your mobility, Dr. McNulty might propose minimally invasive spine surgery, including disc replacement or discectomy, to alleviate nerve pressure. If it remains unmanaged, the disease that causes nerve compression may result in limited mobility and persistent discomfort that greatly impairs your general life quality.

You Acquire Cervical Spinal Stenosis Symptoms

Spinal stenosis (constriction of the cervical spinal canal) may cause radiculopathy. Besides, it places you at risk of spinal cord compression, which can result in lasting impairment.

Not every occurrence of cervical spinal stenosis is severe, but the possible complications are drastic enough that therapy and consistent monitoring are necessary to avoid problems. Typical triggers of cervical spinal stenosis include osteoarthritis, herniated discs, and bone spurs. Besides neck discomfort, other symptoms to watch out for include:

·         Discomfort in one or both arms

·         Numbness in your hands or arms

·         Stabbing or shooting pain down your spine, whenever you tilt your head

As the condition advances, it could potentially cause malfunction of the bladder or bowel. You might also have foot or limb numbness or weakness, rendering movement hard.

Your Neck Discomfort Worsens or Persists

Shifts in your cervical spine’s discs, vertebrae, joints, or other structural elements often cause neck pain that develops gradually and increases with time.

Disc herniations, vertebral anomalies, and arthritis of the facet joints frequently react better to early treatment with physical therapy and other conservative approaches. Should these techniques be ineffective, Dr. McNulty excels in minimally invasive spine surgery, which employs tinier cuts and often necessitates reduced recuperation time than conventional open surgery.

You Suffer Headaches Resistant To Conventional Therapy

Headaches are sure-fire signs of cervical spine abnormalities, which are frequently misinterpreted as migraines or tension-type headaches. If your headaches do not resolve with traditional therapy, you should contemplate visiting a physician as it could indicate a neck disorder.

You might be compelled to delay seeing a physician and cope with neck pain by yourself. This strategy could help with mild problems. However, if the discomfort worsens or persists, you should consult Dr. Patrick S. McNulty to address your worries and condition. In addition to employing various techniques to alleviate the pain, the physician may also identify more serious inherent concerns. Call the Las Vegas or Henderson, NV office or book an appointment online to discuss your concerns and determine the right solution for you.