5 Must-Have Features For HRIS Software

Today’s marketplace offers a lot of options to the end consumer. While this is great as the buyer gets a lot of options to choose from, it also ends up leaving him perplexed as to what he should select and what he should not. This happens even when you are buying a garment but when you are making a decision to purchase an HRIS software or develop your software from a leading software development company, you need to eradicate this confusion and be sure of the software you are investing in. Relying on rankings solely is not a good thing as they can be misleading and without proper research from your end, you would not be able to know which one is the best for you in reality. So, in this blog, we tell you what you can do and what you cannot do.

Let us begin. 

  • Employee management- Every HRIS software relies on this one basic function which is employee management. Whether it is planning, managing, hiring, onboarding or analysing the performance of various departments at multiple locations. One of the typical processes is that of maintaining the employee data, writing their responsibilities, roles, compensation details and employment history. When right software is in place you are able to organise all of it in less time and don’t even have to keep the papers safely. As everything is online, you need not worry. 
  • Great UI- Honestly, if you think that you will get the software of your dreams just as you expect it to be, you are living in a bubble. Better burst it and understand that software cannot come exactly the way you want it to be. So, it is better to find an HRIS software that is highly customisable. This way the employees, HR and admin will be able to customise the application according to their requirements. The same can happen only with a user-friendly interface, so make sure you get it. 
  • Cloud-based- At premise applications and software don’t serve the purpose as much as the on cloud ones. So, it is important for you to find the channels that are accessible anywhere and everywhere. If accessing the software is an issue, it becomes hard for them to use it. The economy is becoming more and more gig and employees are actively working from remote location or on-field. The whole concept of HRIS software is defied when the employees are not able to mark their attendance. The cloud-based software solves this and many other issues as well. 
  • Better data reconciliation- Great HR software should have ways to import and export data from other software. It is important primarily as the company might be using some other software to process attendance/payroll and the data for the same if transferred manually can cause errors. The correction and spotting the data manually will again take hours which will result in nothing but sheer wastage of time.
  • Automated notifications- There are certain features that are necessary but still are not found in most of the HRIS software, one of them is the automated notifications feature. The stakeholders especially should be sent reminders and other data that is important for them to look at.