5 Movies to Stream Starring the Joker on Roku

Have you ever stream the new Joker film? Well, with rave reviews, we are getting the Joker costumes ready for Halloween at Roku HQ! It was developed by Colin Kroll and Vine creators Rus Yusupov.


What is “HQ”?

It was released in the year 26th August 2017 & for iOS and later for Android on 31st December, 2017. Participant can play in daily trivia games through for free for which they can split or win prize money. HQ is an app and a mobile game show.


There have been more iterations of the Joker film than you can shake a stick at, and we have come up with a list of where you can stream a list of some favorites through your Roku streaming device without any hassle. Read on!

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Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker (Available on Google Play)



After revealing the mystery that the Joker did not die, the young “Batman” might have to face the archenemy of his mentor, i.e. Bruce Wayne. Not only that, he also discovered an incredible secret that was hidden since the last time Batman faced the Joker, in which he almost died.


Batman: The Dark Knight (Available on Now TV)



This is one of the most memorable appearances of the Joker, and also a prime example of “how to do villain justice”. In the “Dark Knight” that was played by Late Heath Ledger, in Christopher Nolan’s “ we see that the Joker sow chaos throughout Gotham City into the populace.


Suicide Squad: Available on Rakuten TV, Sky Store & Netflix



In “Suicide Squad” we see how the US government has no options left to deal with an alien invasion and also decides to recruit around eight supervillains in exchange for granting them their freedom.


Batman (Available on Now TV)



This is one of the most memorable interpretations of the Joker film that was performed by Jack Nicholson, directed by Tim Burton in the year 1989. Also, in his outstanding tireless quest, he can never have imagined that the villain with his mocking laughter, pale face and striking costume can be his worst nightmare.


The Lego Batman Movie (Available on Netflix, Rakuten TV, & Sky Store)


In this spinoff of “The Lego Movie”, we follow Batman’s story against Joker. Bruce Wayne has a life of luxury and fame. But everything changed when he decided to educate the son he adopted. When the cops decide that they should work as a team, how can he deal with these changes and at the same piece of time when he faced the friendly villain, “Joker”?


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Wishing you happy streaming and a very happy new year 2020!