5 Most Underrated US Cities for Real Estate

From coast to coast, these up-and-coming cities are the new hot spots to live and own property in. Learn about homes in the desert, near the ocean or somewhere in between. There’s great value when you invest in a home in one of these growing cities. These cities are home to iconic natural landmarks, outdoor adventure, cultural scenes, entertainment and more. Find out what you’ll have to look forward to in your new neighborhood.

Tucson, Arizona

The city of Tucson, Arizona is ranked as one of the top ten up-and-coming cities in the country. The affordable housing market makes it especially competitive when compared with cities nearby. As of the end of 2020, the average single-family home for sale in Tucson has a price point around $250,000. Meanwhile, Phoenix’s median listing price is a bit pricier and sits around $335,000. Tucson’s rental market is also growing. The city attracts renters thanks to students coming to attend the University of Arizona and snowbirds seasonally visiting for the winter.

Tucson’s iconic Santa Catalina Mountains are a captivating landmark in southern Arizona. The mountains offer hiking, camping and plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures. Tucson residents can experience a unique cultural scene when they visit the historic 4th Avenue. This area, located downtown, is known for its street fairs, shopping and a great place when you’re wanting to support local businesses that bring a special flair to the city.

Fort Collins, Colorado

This city has one of the most stable housing markets in the United States. Located north of Denver, Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University and several tech companies. Homes sell at a median price of $435,000 compared to Denver’s $489,000. Fort Collins also has a favorable rental market due to the university and the city’s affordable living cost.

The Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins is a scenic lake where visitors can hike, mountain bike, camp and go fishing. Fort Collins offers an intriguing cultural scene as well. You’ll find homes built in the 1800s in the old historic district. The city is also a beer-lovers dream. Fort Collins has more than 20 craft breweries making it home to the most in the state of Colorado.

Overland Park, Kansas

As a suburb of Kansas City, you’ll find an array of single family homes and condos in Overland Park, Kansas. Ranked as a top place to live in the state of Kansas. The median home price is set at around $344,900, while the median listing price in Kansas City is $210,500. Overland Park has quite a few professionals in the area thanks to companies such as Sprint and large healthcare and hospital networks calling the city home.

Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is a gorgeous place to visit and known for its recreational and cultural offerings. Visitors can enjoy 300 acres of botanical gardens and trails to hike along Wolf Creek. Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is another great place for families to see animals, go fishing, enjoy a butterfly garden and learn about Native American culture.

Asheville, North Carolina

Ranked as a top city in North Carolina to live in, Asheville has a suburban feel and many residents rent their homes. This city has top-rated schools and is a place with many young professionals. The median home listing price is around $350,00 and renting price around $1,200. This compares to Charlotte’s median price of $325,000 and rent in the $1,200s. Asheville’s scenic mountains, nightlife, local shopping and dining make it a great up and coming city.

Asheville residents can surely appreciate the mountain views. The city is located between the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here you’ll find the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with amazing scenery and lots of outdoor activities. The Downtown Art District is another great place to visit in Asheville. You’ll find galleries and museums to explore in the art district promoting the visual and performing arts.

St. Petersburg, Florida

Located on Florida’s gulf coast Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg is known as the Sunshine City. Home values sit at $253,000 but are expected to rise as the popularity of this up-and-coming city continues to grow. The average home value in Tampa is a bit higher at $272,167. The rental market in St. Petersburg is very affordable with the average rent at $972.

St. Petersburg is a gorgeous city and Fort De Soto Park really demonstrates its beauty. The park is on five offshore keys that connect through bridges or causeways. Beaches, picnic areas, and trails for hiking or cycling make this a great place for just about anyone. The Salvador Dalí Museum is an iconic place in St. Petersburg with impressive works from Salvador Dalí. Outside of Europe, this waterfront museum is home to the biggest collection of Dalí’s work.

Whether you start home hunting in the midwest, Sonoran desert or a coastal city, these growing areas have plenty of buying options. Now is the time to start considering the true value in the real estate market. Homes in these five up-and-coming cities are only expected to become more popular and therefore more valuable.


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