5 most important tips to resell your jewellery

Jewelry has a huge impact on women’s life. When it is bought for any special occasion or a gift from your loved one, those pieces of jewelry holds a sentimental value. But some jewelry becomes outdated after that trend, so we want to change it as per the new trend. It is a good way to declutter your jewelry. In the older times, people sell jewelry, which means that probably they were undergoing some financial hard times. But in today’s world, many women above the age of thirty are selling their jewelry for cash. Unlike the olden days, the jewelry is produced in bulk amount. That is why, jewelry has become affordable for everyone.

Ask yourself whether you want to sell or not?

It is always better to ask yourself that you really want to sell that jewelry before you put a price tag. Because you should not regret selling it. These questions determine whether you are ready to sell the jewelry.

⦁          Is it okay if you never see that piece of Jewell again?

⦁          Do you still like its design?

⦁          If there is an occasion, will you wear that jewelry?

⦁          Think if you can pass down that jewelry to your heir? If you give it, will they treasure it or sell it?

⦁          Is the jewelry going to give a decent amount or the meager amount by selling? Is it okay to give up the jewelry for that little amount of money?

Know the worth of your Jewell

Do not fix the price for the jewelry by yourself. Instead, get professional help to know the real worth of that jewelry. A professionally qualified appraisal specialist will help you determine the actual market value on that day. The value of jewelry depends upon various factors such as type of the metal used, the size and variety of the gemstone used, and current condition of the jewelry like whether it needs any repairs, etc.

Fix your price

If you want t o sell your Engagement rings hatton gardens offer the best price for your jewelry. Based on the gemstone and its cutting, they offer the best price for your jewelry. After you get the estimated price from a professional, you can set the price near to the estimated value. But fixing the price too high will delay the process and won’t attract the majority of the buyers.

Make your jewelry ready

As it is a used piece of jewelry, it may be accumulated with some micro dust. It will reduce the sparkle of the jewelry. So to make it look like new, it is important to do a proper cleaning before putting it for selling. You can clean it at home. But in some cases, there is a chance that cleaning chemicals damage your Jewell. So, take professional help for proper cleaning of the jewelry.

Decide where you want to sell

There are many options to sell your jewelry like selling it online (eBay, etc.), selling privately, through pawn shops, consignment jewelers, auction houses, and scrap, etc. If you want to sell online, take beautiful photos of the jewelry. Because the quality and lighting of the photo make a huge difference in the sales of the product.

Take care while exchanging Jewell and payment

When you found the buyer, it’s important to keep an eye on the process of payment. If you are selling it online, try to deliver it as an insured product. If you are selling it in-person, pick a commonplace for the exchange of the payment and jewelry. Many theft and scams happen in this phase. So, be cautious in safe-guarding your jewelry until you hand-over it to the buyer. Hatton garden jewellers offer a professional valuation service for your jewelry. This eliminates confusion while fixing the price. The buyer will also be satisfied when it is evaluated by a well-known professional.