5 Most Common Dental Emergencies

When we accidentally cut our fingers while chopping vegetables we know what is to be done. But do we know what steps should be taken if we chip our teeth? 

It may be difficult for all of us to know what to do if something happens to our mouths. We get confused about whether we should go to the dentist or the ER? How quick we need to get treated? Should we wait for a few days and take help from home remedies? What qualifies as a dental emergency? 

Dental emergencies can be very painful. A chipped tooth, tooth decay toothache are a few of the most common dental emergencies. It is very important to educate ourselves about dental emergencies. It is helpful if you know what steps should be taken when such situations arise. We should know what types of dental emergencies require a dentist and what types of emergencies require an emergency room to be treated. 

To help you with the decision in such situations, here are a few most common dental emergencies that need a visit to an emergency dentist: 


A toothache is an indication of different dental problems. The causes of tooth pain should be identified so that it can be taken care of. Something is stuck in the two teeth and pulp infections are the two most common causes of toothache. When a sudden toothache gets intense it is very important to see an emergency dentist. To alleviate discomfort, you can use a cold compress, until you get help from an emergency dentist.

Knocked-Out Teeth 

According to the reports, more than five million teeth are knocked out every year. This emergency needs immediate emergency dental care. If the tooth is knocked out, it is important to try to locate it. If you want to preserve your missing tooth you can do two things; you should place it back in the socket and bite as you would do for a loose tooth. Or you can store that tooth in a glass of milk or water or saliva and visit your dentist emergency room immediately. 

Chips or Cracks 

Cracks and chips can be the result of biting down on hard objects, or due to an accident. If you grind or clench your teeth, you are more likely to get your teeth chipped or cracked. In such cases, Our expert cosmetic dentist in Charlotte, NC suggests to rinse, and preserve the tooth fragments into the water or milk and visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible. 

Bleeding Teeth or Gums 

Bleeding gums or teeth is another dental emergency that might be an indication that you have gum disease or gingivitis. There is no immediate cause to panic, but you should schedule your oral health checkup as soon as possible. Blood in saliva can be a sign of advanced-stage oral cancer or gum disease. 

Broken Jaw 

You might not have heard of it most often but eating a wide sandwich or vigorous yawn can cause your jaw to dislocate. You will be surprised to know that the jaw is one of the most frequently broken bones in the human body. A broken jaw can also be the result of the misalignment of your teeth; also known as malocclusion. Your dentist can help assess any long term damage to your oral health as a result of a broken jaw. 


It is very important to take a quick decision in case of any dental emergencies. Taking the help of expert professionals will help you deal with the problem as well as avoid its negative impact on your oral health. Make sure you consult experienced emergency dentistry like Carolina Dentistry at the Stateline; one of the most trusted emergency dentist in Charlotte, NC to deal with the dental emergency effortlessly.