5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Choosing Customer Feather Flags

Investing in custom feather flags is one of the best investments as feather flags are portable. A single person can dismantle as well as set them up with minimal effort. 

Most feather flags are used for advertisement purposes. People use the dye-sublimation printing process to print their contact information and brand message. Unlike other flags, the ink on feather flags passes through it. 

However, feather flags are only beneficial if your use them correctly. No matter how many advantages feather flags provide, certain mistakes reduce the effectiveness of the banner. So, if you want to invest in custom feather flags to boost your business, you need to avoid some mistakes. 

In this article, we will discuss 5 mistakes that you must avoid while choosing a customer feather flag for advertisement purposes.

You Choose a Poor Design

When you choose a design, you might think that the design will look great on your banner. However, you should not forget that outdoor feather flags must be visible from distance.

So, if you want to attract customers, your designs should be top-notch as well as visible. Not only should the design be attractive, but also informative. This way the flags can communicate and inform people about your brand and the services you offer.

Additionally, people won’t be able to read the flags if the fonts aren’t appropriate. Hence, you should use big as well as appropriate fonts. Additionally, make sure the color of the font is relevant to the background color.

You Make Grammatical Mistakes

This is probably the crucial mistake you should avoid at any cost. Remember that the first thing people will notice is the sign of your company. It creates a good impression amongst them. So, if you perform any grammatical mistakes or misspelling in your banner, it will create doubt in people’s minds about your professionalism. As per VillageSoup, your feather flags must be eye-catching to grab attention.

It may create unnecessary wrong publicity. This is the main reason why you should meticulously check the content of your feather flag before printing. 

You Forget to Add Contact Information

It may sound awkward, but some people forget to add their contact information on feather flags while promoting their brand. They become so obsessed with the grand openings that they forget to put valuable contact information.

A feather flag without contact information is useless. People won’t be able to contact you if they want to clear their doubts. So, don’t forget to include your email id, website, and phone number on the feather flags. However, you may include additional information such as Twitter, Facebook but it’s highly dependent on your target audience.

You Choose the Wrong Size

Remember that the size of your feather flag should relevant to your venue. You might have noticed that feather flags come in different sizes. The large flags are perfect to be placed outdoor so that they can attract drivers, window shoppers, and passers-by.

The smaller feather flags are ideal for indoor festivals and events. Hence, you should be careful while choosing the size of your flag as a smaller flag placed outdoor cannot effectively promote your brand’s advertisement.

You Choose Wrong Feather Flags

The outdoor feather flags for advertisement purposes are available in double and single-sided versions. Hence, you must choose your feather flag based on whether you want your customers to notice your brand from one side or both sides.

The single-sided feather flags have your information printed only on one side. So, the colors will bleed on the other side and the images will be visible only from one side. However, in the case of double-sided feather flags, people can see your content from both directions. 

You should always choose double-sided feather flags. If you want to promote your brand where customers are passing from one direction, then you can go with one-sided feather flags. 


These are the 5 mistakes you should avoid while choosing custom feather flags for your brand. As there are various sizes and shapes available for feather flags, it’s natural to be confused. No matter if you’re a start-up or large company, if you feel that your business can be beneficial from using feather flags, you should not hesitate to purchase them. Additionally, don’t try to save money by choosing cheap materials or colors, or poles. Remember that you’ll use your feather flags outdoor, so they must be weather-resistant.