5 Mistakes You are Making When You Fill in Your Eyebrows

Nicely filled eyebrows which are properly shaped can make you look much better, even if you don’t have any makeup on. Eyebrows that are thick and filled give that extra oomph to the facial features. And that is why these days eyebrow shaping is one of the biggest fashion things that every professional and beautician is promising.

Just like any beauty routine and makeup routine, filling the eyebrows is also a time-consuming procedure. To get an effortless-looking eyebrow, it is important to make sure that the brows are shaped and filled properly. However, filling the eyebrows is a lot of work and requires some serious practice. There are several things that one needs to keep in mind and also need to avoid a few mistakes to get that perfect result. 

Some of the common mistakes of making eyebrows that need to be avoided are:

  1. Not proper shade

Okay. Now everybody has different eyebrows, different hair shade and different complexions. These make everybody’s brows different looking in color and hue. Now to get that perfect eyebrow that suits the skin tone and looks natural even after filling, choose the correct shade of eyebrow product whether it is eyebrow gel, pencil, henna eyebrow tint kit, powders, etc. You can also use eyebrow dye from reputed brands.

  1. Not keeping it natural

Another very common mistake among ladies is the fact that they are trying to bring out that extraordinary eyebrow. But if you are trying to draw an eyebrow that is not in the shape of the natural eyebrow, then it can give a boxy look that will straight away look fake. Therefore, it is crucial to take into consideration the real shape of the eyebrow and then work around it.

  1. Wrong product

There are several products that one can find regarding the eyebrow filling purpose. However, one needs to take into consideration the thickness of the eyebrow, sparse areas and the result before picking a product. Choose pomades if one wants bold and thick brows, powder for sparse eyebrows, pencil for drawing a few strands, gels for keeping the strands in place, or eyebrow henna tint to get some permanent stain. Thus decide accordingly, what is the kind of eyebrow you are vying for and then pick.

  1. Too much product

Eyebrows are not such big areas to cover and neither is there much hair, therefore it is important to make sure that the application is minimal. Taking too much product will make the eyebrow clumpy and unnatural and also will waste the products unnecessarily. Choose nice brushes and keep them clean to avoid using extra product and concentrate the application on the needed areas. Keep brushing the brows in simple and light strokes and don’t overdo or else will have to take more products. 

  1. Trying to perfect

Like mentioned before eyebrow shaping and filling is art and it takes some time to excel at it, so if you are new to this, keep patience and practice. If you try to get that perfect look every time you draw the brows, then you will end up with disappointment. It is impossible to get that perfect eyebrow every time. Thus, it is important to keep practicing and see what works best on the brows.

Gaurav Gupta

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