5 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Brand New Laptop

Are you Considering Buying a Brand New Laptop? 

If yes, then you are bound to be awestruck and overwhelmed by the sheer number of laptop models available in India with great features! As a result, you may buy a laptop model with features not utilized as per your preferences and may have to spend more. 

Hence, we have clubbed common mistakes that you should avoid while buying a new laptop. This laptop guide will help you avoid all clutters and buy only the best model. Read on!

  • Buying the most affordable option

There may be exceptional budget laptops under 25000 available in the market, but just because they are inexpensive, it does not mean them matching your needs inside out. If you are deciding between a Quad Core processor and Dual Core, you may want to run many apps at once, but you chose the Dual Core because it is less costly. Now, you are left with a laptop that is not that powerful to match your needs, and that issue will hurt you untill you buy once again. You should not jump directly on the most affordable piece, but the one that will easily serve your needs and then check if it fits under your budget.

  • Purchasing the most expensive model 

The best laptop available in India might tick every box, but if you are spending for specs and hardware that you don’t need, then you are just wasting money. There are chances of a laptop, making you strain your budget if it comes with something not needed. For example, you may not need a laptop with 1 TB of storage and your needs may be good for a 256GB one. Thus, it would not be prudent to spend on something that you don’t need at all.

  • Buying a laptop only for today’s needs  

It is old advice, but it still holds true! Unless you are someone who gets obsessed with getting the latest tech on a machine, a new laptop should work for a few years. Instead of purchasing a laptop entirely for your needs now, you should get one keeping the needs of say 2-3 years. It will help you avoid spending on a new laptop loaded with extra features that you may not buy today.

  • Choosing the highest available resolution  

Nowadays, there are many laptops with a 4K display, which looks amazingly stunning. But, it is a costly deal to settle for. Why? It is not always the right choice to make because if you are opting for small screens, then you won’t enjoy the benefits of the higher resolution.

  • Not trying before buying 

Even if you have decided on buying a laptop under 25000 in an online marketplace because you are getting a discount, it is good to try the device at least once. To do that, you can walk into a nearby laptop store and do a proper test. Many laptops are available for testing at big stores in key cities. You can check out the audio output, mouse, touchpad, keyboard, software interface, and other mechanisms, which will differ from models to models.

Bonus point – Thinking that laptop size does not matter 

Here is another point that many prospective laptop customers don’t seem to pay heed to. They think that the size of a laptop does not matter and commit a mistake here. If you are going to buy a device with a large display, then it may also mean that you will need to spend more. What’s more, buying a too small size means that you will need to compromise on keyboard and touchpad as you will get these cramping for space.

Hence, it would be better to get a notebook that may offer you a standard size. It would be good to go for a laptop size of 15.6 inch for overall enhanced user experience. 

You just went through the mistakes that you should avoid while buying a new laptop. You can now buy a laptop without paying for its price at once and hurting your outlays.