5 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving During Pandemic

Ordeal times affect our lives in numerous ways. We are living amidst the pandemic COVID-19 and it has halted pretty much every non-essential activity of our lives. But at the same time, some things can’t wait. Moving to a new living space is one of them so you need to hire a safe and Affordable Moving Company in Fayetteville NC.

Managing a move during such times is a bit more difficult but not impossible. If you know how to do the work and keep yourself and everyone safe, it is, by all means, possible to move during a pandemic. All you need is a reliable moving company and a schedule to work.

Let us look at the 5 mistakes you should avoid during moving in the pandemic.

1. Not Wearing Personal Protective Equipment

Don’t forget the basic guidelines provided by the health department. When you have to move during a pandemic, stick to the protective measures better than ever. You will have to deal with people during loading, unloading, and moving.

Make sure to wear proper masks, hand gloves, and shoe covers for your safety. Keep a safe distance from others during the move and don’t forget to offer hand sanitizers and soaps to the movers.

2. Failing To Inquire Disease Mitigation Strategy

Your communication with the movers generally includes details about pricing estimates, moving strategy, and storage options. For now you must ask about the disease mitigation strategy adopted by the moving company.

Inquire about the personal protective equipment used by the movers. How will they manage social distancing during the move? If you forget to ask these important questions, you are putting yourself and your family at risk of infection.

3. Not Requesting A Virtual Survey For Estimates

Traditionally moving estimates were provided by on-site evaluation. The onsite visit allowed the movers to have an idea about the size of inventory. During this pandemic, it is best to minimize personal meetings. Request them to arrange a virtual survey of your home. You need to make a detailed inventory to get precise moving estimates.

4. Borrowing Moving Supplies From Other People

The virus can stay on hard surfaces for long periods. Do not make the mistakes of borrowing moving boxes and other supplies from others. You will have to set aside some money to buy moving supplies but it is essential to minimize the transmission.

5. Delaying Disinfection After The Move

Hire a safe moving service in Fayetteville NC so that your belongings reach your new house without being infected. As soon as you move into the new house, disinfect it. Use disinfectant wipes or solutions to clean the hard surfaces.