5 Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

2021 saw all sorts of marketing campaigns that ranged from outstanding to downright boring. Marketers know that not all business campaigns are going to be successful, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to get ahead of the competition by planning out their campaigns and promotions months in advance!

No one can predict what promotional campaigns will get the attention of consumers, and marketers work day in and day out to determine the best possible promotional material for their business. As the new year kicks off another year of planning and campaigning, here are five marketing trends to watch out for in 2022!

1.  Promotional products make all the difference.

Promotional products are those freebies that you get when you pass by a stall, or purchase products with a free item attached to it. These can be in the form of useful promotional items like notepads and umbrellas, to promotional products that prioritize aesthetic value over practicality. Promotional products have long been a staple in marketing, and it is a trend that is here to stay.

Not all promotional items are effective. Sure, consumers generally enjoy freebies with their purchases, but not all freebies work as well as they should. For one, consumers are more likely to remember a brand that gave out practical, everyday promotional items over ones that gave out non-useful items.

My Own Water (https://myownwater.com/) supplies the perfect promotional product for any business with a simple and practical, yet unique, product – personalized bottled water. These portable containers will widen your audience reach, and provide you with an effective marketing campaign that is both cost-efficient and timeless!

2.  Meta is a growing trend.

With the recent shift of Facebook’s company name to Meta Inc., consumers all over the world have logged into the start of the metaverse: a futuristic concept wherein all digital aspects of the world are interconnected into one alternative reality. No doubt that the change in Facebook’s company name has pulled the term metaverse into the mainstream.

2020 and 2021 were also years of digital growth. With the global pandemic shifting businesses and communications online, e-Commerce, digital marketing, and virtual events have been on the rise for the past two years. We can expect that this trend will continue to skyrocket in 2022, as the world continues to stay connected through social media and online platforms.

3.  Eco-friendly and sustainable products are shifting consumerism.

Single-use plastics became the norm for the majority of consumers in 2020, as people tend to shop online more often, and use single-use plastics instead of washable utensils when dining out for the fear of the coronavirus.

In 2022, we expect people to make the change to using eco-friendly products and sustainable materials for their businesses as we see how climate change is affecting the environment, leading to devastating consequences like floods, forest fires, and earthquakes that have plagued different continents the past two years.

Expect to see an increase in demand for environmentally friendly products in 2022, and get ahead of this trend by providing sustainable items in your product line. For example, providing aluminum bottled water in place of plastic bottled water is a sustainable business practice that will still give you customized products for your restaurant, bar, or cafe!

4.  Influencer marketing continues to grow.

A decade ago, influencer marketing was almost unheard of, with only celebrity endorsements getting the limelight as successful marketing campaigns. However, the recent years saw a growth in the influencer industry, and there are different levels of influencers across various niche audiences that businesses can collaborate with.

Even small businesses now have the means to partner with micro influencers who have a better sales pull than macro influencers when it comes to startups and small enterprises. Collaboration costs will differ per influencer, but many accept endorsements with a small fee and a free product set.

Often, these promotions are worth their capital as the ROI for influencer marketing typically reaches 5x the cost of collaborating with the influencer. We can expect that 2022 will show additional value on influencer marketing as consumers trust personal reviews over celebrity endorsements.

5.  Content is a valuable resource for marketers.

Most consumers look to search engines when looking for a brand. When brands don’t optimize their digital content, then they lose out on potential sales while their competitors gain the top results in a search engine. Content is a valuable resource in digital marketing as it is the face and exposure of your business that you show to potential customers.

Facebook ads, sponsored posts, and overall content creation is essential for any business looking to make a name for themselves online, and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have made it easier for different brands and businesses to tap their target audience.