5 Marketing Trends To Follow Before Purchasing Video Promotion Services

The demand for video promotion services is increasing along with evolving video marketing trends. Get to know 5 trendy video marketing ideas to implement in 2023. 

Videos are not anymore just mediums of entertainment but have become an integral part of marketing for every business regardless of the industry. As videos have their creativity and are capable of engaging more viewers; it is being widely used for marketing purposes to generate more lead, sales, exposure, and overall growth. 

However, the market is highly competitive, and with an increasing number of users on every platform; you would need to purchase video promotion services that help to reach the target audiences. But only purchasing promotional services is not enough as marketing trends are constantly evolving. Let’s check some modern video marketing trends which are currently engaging more users than the rest. 

1. Live Videos

You might have already witnessed that live videos tend to have a higher engagement rate than other videos since the viewers get to directly interact with the host. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or live Streaming on YouTube; live videos can greatly improve web traffic and online engagement. It does not always have to be entertaining but it can be educational as well. As long as you can embrace your business, live videos can help you gain a lot of potential customers. If you’re not sure what to start with, here are some ideas;

  • Share live events 
  • Show the journey behind product or services
  • Host interviews with industry experts
  • Share customer feedback, etc many others.

2. BTS Videos

BTS or Behind-the-scene videos are highly attractive for the viewers as it offers inside stories and shows detail of how your brand works. It is like sharing a sneak peek with the customers to let them trust the brand even more. Some people think that BTS videos can make the brand appear unprofessional but it is actually the opposite. BTS videos are more authentic and share 100% transparency with customers which eventually makes them like the brand even more. 

3. Search Optimized Videos

SEO or the importance of Search Engine Optimization is prior for every business to rank better on the search engine result page (SERP). Search Optimized Videos are referred to videos that are utilized for SEO optimization purposes. Here are some ideas that you can utilize, 

  • Use high search value keywords in the title, tags, and description
  • Utilize high-quality custom thumbnails
  • Use CTAs (calls to action)
  • Find relevant hosting platforms that focus on your niche

4. Atomizing Videos

Atomization is the latest video marketing trend that is widely visible on every other platform. It is the idea of repurposing the same video content for different channels and platforms. For example, if you have created a long-term video on YouTube; you can easily use some of its clips and bits on TikTok on Instagram reels which greatly improves its visibility. YouTube shorts is also a beneficial option for this trick. Even podcast hosts use this video marketing trend while the podcast can be completely audio content. 

5. Educational Videos

Educational and instructional videos tend to engage more customers than any other kind. A recent report showed that how-to videos can retain more than 95% of the viewers and it is also the most searched type of video. Thus, if you are able to educate your customers through your video content about products and services; they are more likely to interact with your brand and proceed with purchasing. 

Final Thoughts

Following these modern video marketing trends can help your brand receive more exposure in 2023. However, it is recommended to hire a promotional company after as it helps to improve the marketing approaches and offers fruitful results within a short duration.


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)