5 Lesson are taught by escape rooms to children

Parents are always on the lookout for activities that are both entertaining and educational for their children. Escape room games strike the perfect balance between the most fun your kids will ever have and some extremely valuable life lessons! Here are 5 things your children will learn while participating in an escape room with us. Remember to read the discussion questions at the conclusion. You can use them to have interesting conversations with your children on the way home!

1. Think beyond the box

This ability is what distinguishes the ultimate escape hero. Puzzles necessitate a lot of creative thinking, and escape rooms aren’t the only place where you’ll need to be creative. Discuss with your children how they came up with new and clever solutions, and the next time they get stuck on a math problem, you’ll be able to remind them to think outside the box!

2. Collaboration is essential

One of the best aspects of a escape room is that everyone brings something unique to the table. One person may excel at taking notes, while another is always on the lookout for hidden clues! Everyone has strengths that contribute to an incredible escape!

3. Do not be afraid to seek assistance

We all get stuck and need help from time to time, and at escape, we have hints for that! Almost every group has one, and it never hurts to ask for a little push in the right direction. Stubborn players don’t always breakthrough, so if you need assistance, ask for it! Parents and teachers are excellent “hint” givers, so your children will not be afraid to ask for assistance if they require it after learning this lesson!

4. Always double-check your work

You’ve probably heard math teachers say it a hundred times, but this life lesson can be applied in a variety of situations! In escape rooms, a missed math problem or trying a code on all but one lock can result in a significant time loss, so this is an excellent opportunity to teach your children the importance of checking and double-checking!

5. Do not succumb to pressure

The looming clock in an escape room can add to the tension, and you must maintain your cool in order to escape! Helping your children think on their feet in a panic is a huge benefit of doing an escape room together. It’s easy to become distracted by the excitement of it all, but focusing when things get tough will ensure you escape with time on your side!

After you’ve completed an escape room with your children, be sure to discuss their experience with them. Check out the fun and educational discussion questions listed below for a really productive car ride home!

What was one thing that each of us did exceptionally well when we were playing? What was your favorite part of the game? What did you learn for our next escape room? What most surprised you? What would you change if you could play again?

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