5 key benefits of using a Pharma CRM for sales and marketing

CRM solutions have benefited industries in many ways such as better customer communication, customer retention, streamline work processes, segmentation, campaign management, and a lot of other aspects. Nowadays, every industry needs a CRM to streamline its sales and marketing business processes in order to establish a long-term relationship with clients.

The pharmaceutical industry has evolved a lot in the past few decades. Having the current stats, competitiveness in the pharma industry is at its all-time high. To get a competitive edge, pharmaceutical companies have to think out of the box. Continuously changing customer behavior and trends are leading towards unrecognizable and new challenges. Here comes the need for a CRM system.

In this article, we’ll discuss five key benefits of CRM for pharmaceuticals companies, in terms of sales and marketing.


Practices, providers, and other customers data along with the communication history are kept in a single CRM system instead of multiple and disconnected desktops. Pharma CRM database combines all records together. Having the information in one place reduces admin work and provides easy access.

CRM gives you the ability to safely store all the information you need against each customer account. By this, when a customer calls or you outreach a customer, you know exactly the right details without digging around for the information. By having a complete history of all prior communications you can easily send emails, text messages, log phone calls, and add notes. You can reach out to your customers according to the preferred mediums, either by a phone call, text message or email.


The pharmaceutical industry, like any other, needs to promote drugs and other various medical products or services to get the attention of their potential customers. With the help of the CRM, a database of all contacts can be segmented according to certain types of customers into logical groups (ex: physicians, clinics, hospitals, HCPs, etc.). Users can easily build custom campaigns for specific groups instead of sharing a message with the entire audience, as one message can’t be fit for everyone. Customization and personalization can play as a great management tool, that’s why nowadays organizations are opting for campaign management software. Personalized campaigns significantly improve customer satisfaction and eventually increase conversion rates. Marketers can relate specific behaviors of a specific audience and develop emails, landing pages, and offers. Users can further use the analytics of the campaign to trace and monitor campaign development so that they can alter it to progress its chances of success.

It’s always a time-consuming activity to switching different systems in order to gather different types of information. Without data integration, you are unable to access the data gathered in one system. However, by integrating data from a system such as PIS (Pharmacy Information System) into the CRM, the entire data gathered makes it more valuable for your pharmacy business. It helps teamwork better and improves efficiency. With data integration in the CRM, information is shared seamlessly between systems. Users can access sales data in your CRM system and vice-versa. Mistakes are eliminated, everyone in the business has the data they need to perform at their best and you get the best possible value.


Just like any other outside sales team, pharmaceutical reps require to access information on the go while visiting hospitals, providers, chemists, etc regarding sales meetings. The only way possible to have all this information is by having a Mobile CRM. It enables sales representatives to instantly refer customer histories, keep notes on discussions, review calls and emails, and access recent customer touchpoints both before and after a meeting. Having these insights at their fingertips, pharma sales reps can build better customer relationships and have productive sales interactions.


Pharmaceutical companies can have hundreds of sales reps and managing such kind of number can be quite challenging. With the help of a pharma CRM mobile app, you can manage your outside sales team in real-time. Having the fact that an efficient pharma mobile app can be your virtual office. Managers and supervisors can seamlessly have access to sales reps daily schedules, events, and activities being performed throughout the day. Moreover, a supervisor can track the physical location of the outside sales team from a single dashboard.

Sales managers or supervisors can manage teams on the go, encourage collaboration, promote best practices, share vital information and drive accountability with a mobile app.


Pharma CRM is a powerful tool to align departments, create reports, and streamline sales and marketing processes. However, there are plenty of pharma CRM software available but, you need to choose one that’s the best fit for your requirements. One of the most specialized and up-to-date Pharma CRM  is Salesdoor Pharma CRM,  providing a combination of useful tools and features that helps pharmaceutical businesses to acquire, build and retain long-term healthy customer relationships Learn More