5 Ironing Tips to Make Your Clothes Look Pristine

Ironing is one of the least favorite chores and can be the hardest at times. Some fabrics just won’t let go of the creases!


However, ironing is one of the best ways not only to keep your clothes crease-free but also to make them last longer. Not to mention, properly ironed clothes make you feel and look more presentable and confident.


If you find ironing hard and strenuous, there are some easy tips that will ensure you always get it right.


1. Shake the off


Shaking your clothes off is an important step to get them well ironed. If you are line drying your clothes, shake them off before you hang them. Also, ensure they still have some water on them and avoid wringing.


Wringing the clothes will only add more creases to the clothes and may even cause the clothes to be crumpled up on the line. Those creases that form when hanging can be very hard to get rid of.


If you are using a washer and a dryer, shake the clothes off after you get them out of the washer and before you throw them into the dryer. That will help untangle and untwist the clothes, increasing the chances of having lesser wrinkles.


The water in the clothes is turned to hot steam by the heat of the dryer, which can even act as a steamer. Therefore, if you had shaken the clothes before throwing them into the drier, they may come out looking as good as those that had just been ironed.


2. Categorize your clothes


When you look at your clothes after buying, they have specifications about the best temperature to iron them under. Categorize your clothes and iron them in order of that heat. Start from the ones that need the least heat and the ones that have the least creases.


You can then progress to more heat, and that makes sure that the iron box always has the right temperature for each cloth. You do not have to wait for the iron to heat up for the next piece, and you will never burn any clothes.


It is also a good idea to always test the temperature of the iron on a spare fabric, similar to the one you are ironing. That ensures that the heat is not too little or too much.


3. Ensure that the iron is clean


A dirty iron slate will transfer the dirt to your clothes and leave a permanent stain. Always ensure that you clean your iron box before using it. The best and easiest way to clean your iron soleplate is using a magic eraser.


Just wet it and squeeze out the excess water and wipe the slate. You have to ensure that the iron is not connected to power and that it is cold. If there are tough stains, you can use vinegar instead of water.


If you used tap water in the water reservoir, you need to descale your iron. Ensure to follow the manufacture’s guide on how to properly do that. To avoid limescale buildup, use distilled water.


4. Hung up the clothes immediately


After ironing, you need to hang up the clothes immediately. Leaving them on the table or unhung will only cause them to wrinkle again. You should also avoid hanging too many clothes on one hanger because that will also wrinkle them again.


If you line dry your clothes, you should also hang them immediately you are done washing. Leaving them in the bucket long will cause wrinkling, and those wrinkles will be hard to remove.


5. Use steam


Steam is a natural enemy of wrinkles, and it is the fastest way to remove those wrinkles you feel are hard to remove.


If you don’t have a steamer, you can buy those irons that have a water reservoir that helps get the steam out. You can also try sprinkling a little water on the clothes before you iron.