5 Interior Design Themes That Are On-Trend


The transition to the new year will feature some dramatic shifts in interior design themes for 2022. Keep in mind that Americans are coming off the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, which also caused sudden shifts.

For example, the home office saw a revival in 2020. However, industry professionals believe that the space will revert to its original state in 2022.

January is a great time to browse the new home furnishings releases. It’s also a good time to see the design predictions from industry professionals. 

Here we explore five interior design themes that are on-trend based on the expected shifts for 2022.

1. Transitional – Curved Lines Replace Geometric Shapes

Art Deco found itself back in vogue for the last several years. It features geometric shapes, sharp lines, and loud colors.

Industry insiders have taken notice that the lines that formed geometric shapes have become more curved. As individuals spent more time at home, they lived in the furnishings and decor they had purchased. Coupled with the uncertainty of the time, they realized that living in chaos and rigidity wasn’t ideal.

Instead, they sought comfort and relaxation.

The result is demand for smoother furniture, furnishings, and trim lines. As Art Deco exits, Transitional makes its entrance.

Transitional interior design emphasizes a blend of masculine and feminine styles. It includes comfortable furnishings that have function and fabrics that perform.

2. Traditional – Warm Neutrals Enter the Picture

In 2022, individuals can expect loud colors to exit too. Neutral colors have retained the top spots in interior paint sales but the public coupled them with reds, blacks, and navy.

The new trend leans toward keeping a neutral color palette and coupling it with earthy tones for the trim and accents. This makes Traditional interior design on-trend.

The Traditional theme comes from England and France during the 1700s and 1800s. They decorated with the furnishings available to them. Since craftspeople handmade furniture and furnishings, the color palettes remained natural and Earthy.

3. Vintage – Cherishing What Already Exists

Individuals remain fascinated with all things vintage. Vintage pieces are less than 100 years old but more than 20 according to Anna Wintour. Therefore, they remain fairly easy to find. 

If you look at the history of design themes, you’ll find that each resulted from the circumstances of the time. Minimalism became a trend during World War II because the American government needed plastic materials. Thus, the ornateness of previous design eras faded away.

The supply chain disruptions will continue in 2022. Even if Americans have the disposable income to purchase new furnishings, they will purchase from the existing inventory because it’s available.

This makes the Shabby Chic and Bohemian interior design themes on-trend for 2022.

4. Eclectic – More Texture

For several years, minimalism has emphasized that less is more. By extension, people stuck with flat decor. Professionals believe that texture will claim a place in the spotlight during 2022.

Eclectic strikes a balance between layered and collected. Create the layers with pillows, rugs, and throws. Keep the color palette muted but feel free to employ several colors.

As you put together the elements of any interior design theme, pick a focal piece or color. Then build from there. Some decor, furnishings, and themes pose more color matching challenges than others. 

You can fall in love with a rug that includes an intricate design with patterns and colors. Your task is to match the rug to the interior or your interior to the rug. 

Lawrence of La Brea offers advice on how to match rug colors and patterns.

5. Coastal – More House Plants

The population remains committed to minimizing its carbon footprint, recycling, and environmental causes. Within that, there also remains a love for nature and greenery. Thus, professionals in the interior design space see people adopting more indoor plants.

Part of adding more house plants comes from the wellness movement. People want to care for their mental well-being. Therefore, they seek natural solutions such as surrounding themselves with more greenery and plants.

Therefore, Coastal interior design themes will become on-trend in 2022. 

Coastal places an emphasis on bright and breezy colors. Opt for flowy widow dressing, hardwood floors, and lots of space for your new plant additions.


Whether you have an interest in redecorating your home or you simply want to browse, a few interior design themes are on-trend for 2022. Pick your favorite design features from each and make them your own.


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