5 Important Ways Cloud Technology can Boost Your Business

Cloud technology comes in many forms and solutions, and it doesn’t just serve the business sector – it encompasses the whole of modern life. From gaming and entertainment, to lifestyle and home security and comfort, all the way to changing the way we do business, there is a cloud solution out there for everyone. When we’re talking about business, though, cloud technologies can revolutionize every industry and sector, and the solutions you choose can help you take your company forward as a whole.

From financial management to communication and collaboration, all the way to resource planning and running a multi-channel sales operation, there is little you won’t be able to achieve by leveraging cloud tech. Let’s put all of that into perspective today and take a look at the five most important ways that cloud computing can help you boost your business in 2021 and beyond. 

Use VoIP for cloud-based internal and external communication

Ask any experienced business leader and they will tell you that good communication is half the struggle when trying to get work done quickly or when trying to push sales, marketing, and support forward. In fact, ensuring seamless internal and external communication might even be more important in today’s fast-paced business environment, as you want to make sure you’re able to act quickly to industry shifts, internal changes, and other pressing challenges.

That’s why you should exchange your old phone communication system for a cloud-based solution like VoIP. Voice over internet protocol is a cloud phone system that brings low-cost calls, mobile communication, collaboration features, conversational AI, audio and video conferencing, and many more features to your company. It’s a unified communications system that you need to use to facilitate seamless communication between employees, but also more efficient communication with your customers. 

Automate various menial and repetitive processes

Automation has become more than a buzzword nowadays, and it encompasses a myriad of processes, concepts, and solutions that aim to simplify and streamline business operations. How? Well by automating menial and repetitive tasks primarily across your organization. Automation software comes in all shapes and sizes, and it is usually highly specialized to serve a specific industry, niche, and the needs of specific departments.

The best part is that automation software is typically cloud-based, meaning that you get all the features you need along with a polished product for a single fee. Security and maintenance are covered in the fee, and you can upgrade to many other features or scale down depending on your requirements. From automating employee oversight and rostering to automating email marketing and CRM, all the way to automating various sales processes, it’s important to leverage cloud technology to make your business more efficient and your work less repetitive.

Create an omni-channel experience for customers

Speaking of automating various sales processes, another important benefit of cloud technology is that it allows business leaders to finally build and manage an efficient omni-channel sales strategy. Without cloud technology, managing an omni-channel sales structure manually is time-consuming and labor-intensive. In fact, it can be downright impossible to sustain over the long term because of the multitude of channels you need to manage simultaneously. 

The manufacturing industry is the perfect example where business leaders need to leverage cloud-based manufacturing software to manage multiple sales channels, because manufacturing thrives on having more than a single sales touchpoint. In order to manage the whole supply chain seamlessly, avoid inventory mismanagement, and process orders from various online locations, manufacturers need a reliable resource planning tool. No matter the industry you’re in, you can use cloud-based software to organize and sustain this type of sales approach that will boost sales and retention across the online and offline worlds.

Scale your business easily on the cloud

If you haven’t already, then you should start considering migrating your company to the cloud. Cloud computing brings numerous benefits to growth-oriented businesses, ranging from higher cybersecurity and better financial savings, all the way to easier scalability and infrastructure management. Running an on-site data center for your company is costly and it requires a team of engineers and developers, not to mention the hardware requirements as well.

When the time comes to add applications and hardware to your infrastructure, it will be invariably expensive to add resources, and you might even need more physical room for your data stores. Of course, you can avoid all of that by simply migrating to the cloud. A good cloud provider will allow you to scale your infrastructure seamlessly or downgrade quickly if you’re trying to consolidate, which is the kind of flexibility you need to manage your business in uncertain times.

Facilitate remote and mobile work 

Last but not least, cloud-based solutions are perfect for enabling remote teams and employees on the go to do their job wherever they are in the world. With cloud-based communication apps like VoIP or a dedicated cloud project management tool, you can create a digital work environment for all employees and allow them to collaborate in real time.

This also allows you to build an international support team to mitigate costs. What’s more, cloud tools allow you to tap into an international talent pool, and bring the best employees into your company. With cloud-based payroll software and finance suites, you can easily manage the costs of hiring remote and international workers from around the world. 

Wrapping up

Cloud computing is making waves in the business world, but it’s also transforming the civil and government sectors. If you were on the fence about adopting cloud solutions, then be sure to try these out for yourself and see how they can take your company forward in 2021 and beyond.