5 Important Reasons For Drug Testing Employees, Both Old and New

Workers who abuse drugs are more likely to have poor attendance, be injured or violet at work, file workers’ compensation claims, and quit or be fired within the year.

The U.S. Department of Labor and the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that employees who abuse drugs or alcohol are three times more likely to cause or experience an injury that requires absence from work.  

Here are our top five important reasons for drug testing employees. 

1. Safety

Safety is the number one reason for workplace drug testing. Going to work under the influence is not only a danger to the user but to everyone around them. Many jobs require the use of heavy machinery and being under the influence of drugs while operating machinery or driving puts lives at risk.

Pre-employment and random drug tests are to protect employees and customers and to ensure a safe work environment. Everyone is entitled to a safe and welcoming work environment and professionals at sapevaluations.com make sure employees are fit to return to work.

2. Productivity

Workers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not the best employees. Testing and removing those who are using drugs and underperforming improves the overall performance of the company.

Lost productivity from drug abuse is due to:

  • Absence
  • Withdrawl
  • Interference with attention and concentration
  • Selling or using drugs while on the job
  • Stress due to drug abuse from a family, friend, or co-worker

3. Medical Costs 

According to the¬†Surgeon General’s 2016 report Facing Addiction in America, the U.S spends $35 billion per year treating substance abuse disorders and an additional $85 billion treating related injuries and illnesses associated with drug use.¬†

Drug testing reduces health insurance premiums and costs associated with on-the-job injuries and illnesses. Improving the health of the workforce reduces medical costs for employers. 

4. Turnover Rate 

Pre-employment drug testing reduces the chance of hiring a drug-using employee who will later be fired for poor performance, poor attendance, or injury. 

Random testing lets you keep your valuable employees, deter recreational drug use, and reduces company turnover rates. Reducing turnover rates means less money and time spent on re-training new employees.  

5. Liability 

Employees fired or injured at work while under the influence of drugs are not entitled to workers’ compensation and are less likely to file a suit. Testing employees after an incident gives the employer the advantage of denying or defending compensation.¬†

Having a written drug testing policy lowers the number of employees who would test positive, reduces the likelihood of workplace injuries, and protects the company from liability. 

Drug Testing Employees

Companies that make efforts towards a drug-free workplace by drug testing employees both pre-employment and random testing reduce the chance of drug use, reduce medical costs, reduce turnover rates, improve company safety, and lowers the chance of a liability suit. 

Having a solid drug testing policy is important to enforce and maintain a safe, drug-free work environment. 

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