5 Ideas To Inspire A Fireplace Remodel In Your Home

No other thing can be more relaxing than sitting on your couch in front of the roaring fire on a chilly winter night. A fireplace is a source of warmth that adds more charm to your interiors. You can make this focal point in your home more inviting with easy remodel ideas. Read on to find out what you can do to give a quick makeover to your fireplace.

Add New Stone And Bricks To The Fireplace

One of the most obvious ideas for remodeling your fireplace is to add new bricks and stone around it. While this option isn’t as budget-friendly as painting the bricks, you have so many options of new bricks and stones to choose from. 

Thus, you can choose the look that fits your home’s décor. For this, you may need to hire a remodeling professional and ensure that fireplace changes are legal in your area. Check out ceramic fireplace glass doors

Apply Tiles Around The Fireplace

Art tiles are a more elegant option than the painted bricks, which completely transforms the look of your space. From wooden, ceramic to glass and stone, you have plenty of options to choose from. Adding tiles to the fireplace will make it look impeccable while adding a lot of contemporary appeals.

While everyone knows about surrounding a fireplace with tiles, a few know that the interior of a fireplace can be decorated with tiles too! This is something that would become a focal point in your room.

Add An Electric Fireplace Hearth

If you are looking for something to fit your traditional fireplace, an electric fireplace hearth is a great option for you. These units are inserted into the fireboxes of the existing fireplace hearths in your home and make them look modern, that too with all the benefits of an electric fireplace.

Not only do they add to your home’s aesthetic value, but they also have tons of benefits. Unlike a wooden or gas fireplace, an electric fireplace doesn’t cause noxious emissions. Moreover, they are a cost-effective way to heat your home as they feature automatic thermostats and don’t require any ventilation.

Install A Floating Beam

If you have a fireplace hearth with no surround, a floating beam is a great way to remodel the fireplace. You can find a floating beam for your fireplace from any salvage shop or search for a wooden beam online.

Adding a floating beam to your fireplace doesn’t take much time and involves a few easy steps. You can watch the DIY YouTube videos to do it. But, make sure to measure the required height before you start installing a beam.

Replace The Mantel

A mantelpiece not only frames the fireplace in your room but also serves as a place where you display your possessions. They are something that makes the room look more graceful. So, don’t let the mantel surrounding the fireplace bore you! 

Look for an architectural mantelpiece that fits well with your room’s aesthetics. Nowadays, mantelpieces come with detailed model kits with a guide on how to install them within hours. Even a discarded mantelpiece from a local salvage shop can work well!

These are a handful of fireplace remodel ideas to transform your home’s look. Whether you into rustic elements or want a modern look, the sky is the limit for converting a fireplace into a cozy focal point. You can take inspiration from any of these ideas!