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The times when the degree was a major requirement for job have been long gone, Now the world is looking beyond just education and the skills have become an entry ticket to the professional world. A few people still believe that what degrees can do could not be done without it while others think that merely a piece of paper cannot decide or explain the abilities. This is a debate that has not reached the end yet and I don’t think that it ever will reach to the end because skills and degree both carry specific importance and one cannot be enhanced without the other. Well, but the debate is not our focus here in the blog instead we are highlighting the careers that could be opted without even getting a degree and here are 5 of such careers.


  • Writers

Well, who in the world would have thought that something which was merely considered as an art of premium creativity would become one of the most important professional jobs in the world? With the increase in the digital world the importance of written content increased and that was when writing became an important skill to be in the professional world. From digital marketing to getting a website up and from getting a book done to even preparing reports everything requires expertise in writing and that is where you can explore a lot of jobs if you the perfect writing skills.


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  • Designer

The writing was not the only thing that increased the importance after the digital mediums were integrated into the structures of the world. One of the other fields that have also been a result of the same is designing. The visual representation of things also became an important part of the world and that was when the designing became the idea of getting the attention and designers became a professional in this world. With the knowledge of design and a hint of creativity you can get into this field for getting paid much more than you would expect.


  • Mobile App Developer

The most time people spend in their day is one of the smartphones, switching between one application to the other. The apps might have different purposes, different frameworks, and design but one thing that is common between all of them is that they are develop by the professional web developers. To create app like the ones that you use most you need to get to them. This is where the opportunities for mobile app developer lies and they could be just doing it through the skills and learning. You can even get a job without the degree in this field and the demand or the scope of this field is much more than people can even imagine.


  • Web Developer

Just like mobile applications the websites are another great idea of conducting business operations and getting things on board for other purposes. Web developers are thus a result of this approach and development in the world. Web development could be learned through a degree but most importantly it is about skills like analytical and problem-solving skills which is why you can get to it with just a little background knowledge and with the skills that it requires.

  • Social Media Management

Digital marketing is growing rapidly in the world and I think there would be no business that would have not contemplated it. In this domain one of the fields is social media management and I have never seen someone learning this at a college. This is completely skill-based and you can get there with your creativity and some basic knowledge of using social media. This is one of the most growing fields in the world contemporarily.


These 5 areas exactly prove why the debate between degree and skills was started in the first place and one thing that could be said without any doubts is that one of the main reasons of this debate has been the induction of digital and technological mediums in the world.





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