5 Home Fixes Worth the Investment

Experts say that normally homeowners spend about 1-4% of the home’s value on yearly maintenance. 

But have you ever wondered if some home fixes are worth the investment or not? Which home repairs are needed, especially if you’re wanting to sell your house someday?

If you’re confused as to which repairs to make, here are five that you should not ignore!

1. Kitchen

While an entire kitchen renovation will cost you thousands, sometimes it’s not needed. A few small updates or repairs to the kitchen usually suffice, especially if the kitchen isn’t in bad shape. 

Painting the kitchen cabinets, replacing broken faucets or pipes, getting new appliances, or even changing the hardware on cabinets make a drastic change to the look and feel of your kitchen. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars tearing apart your kitchen to make it look presentable and functional, but don’t ignore anything that’s broken or needs immediate replacements. 

2. Floors

The floors of your home likely take the most damage from walking, moving furniture, dropping items, and so forth. Or you might have carpet staining or pill from traffic as well. 

Your floors are one area that you should consider repairing. Functional floors are a key element of interest to any home buyer. Even if you’re planning to stay in the home for a while, loose floorboards are a safety hazard and need repairs.

3. Roof

Overlooking your roof for repairs has drastic consequences. A faulty roof causes leaks, which in turn causes more damage and even if the damage is small, over time it adds up. 

Repairs to your roof should not be ignored and are worthwhile repairs, especially since it covers the entirety of your home. Any additions to your roof or gutters like commercial gutter installation will keep your roof in great condition by keeping dangerous debris away.

4. Painting and Patching

Painting is one of the easiest ways to make repairs look clean and finished. And it’s an extremely budget-friendly home renovation!

Walls are prone to holes and other damages, like marker or condensation lines. Patching and painting get your home as good as new and offer a fresh look as well. 

Painting is not necessarily an immediate repair, but mostly for cosmetic purposes. However, the damage in the wall may need fixing, especially if you have children or expose wires or pipes. Assess the damage accordingly, and take the steps to fix it.

5. Bathroom Repairs

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your home. When piping, toilets, sinks, and so forth cease to work, it causes a major inconvenience. 

If there’s a bathroom repair, try and fix it immediately. Not only can it get messy quickly, but unchecked bathroom repairs could cause backup and septic problems. Your best bet is to call a plumber who can diagnose the problem properly. 

Home Fixes for You!

These five home fixes are worth your time, effort, and money. Taking steps towards repairing your home will always be worth it in the long run. 

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