5 Hidden Facts About Lady Gaga That You Haven’t Heard Before

Ever since Lady Gaga came to fame with her super hit song “Poker Face” in 2008, she has amazed us with her songs and unusual fashion sense. Today, she is one of the most successful singers in the music industry with millions of fans across the world.

Her followers don’t just want to listen to her songs, but they also want to know more about her life. Keeping that in mind, today, we are here to share some unknown facts about Lady Gaga that you probably didn’t know before.

Facts About Lady Gaga

Here are some hidden and interesting facts about the singer that you would love to know.

1. She was bullied in school

You would have never assumed that Lady Gaga was a victim of bullying, almost all her school life. She once opened about her school life and how she was bullied for her rabbit teeth. Gaga in an interview for her cover story for Vogue magazine said that they called her rabbit teeth in school, but today, she is featured as a Vogue beauty queen. There’s no doubt that Gaga had the last laugh.

2. She was a stripper

Many of you may not know this, but Gaga worked as a burlesque dancer before she came to fame. Well, this is nothing surprising because many other artists like her did crazy jobs before their rise to fame. Coming back to Gaga, she used to work as a dancer in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. She has always been very open about her pre-jobs. Recently, she confirmed, she used to work as a stripper to earn money. She even said that stripping got her more money than waitressing. But she also explained that she didn’t reveal too much of her skin like נערות ליווי (escort girls) would do.

3. Unique perfume by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has always been in the headlines because of her extraordinary fashion sense. From colourful headgears to plastic clothes, she has shown us all. But she reached the limits when she launched her perfume called Fame in 2012. It was made with semen and even had her blood, which was used as a base for the scent. When she was asked, what smell she wanted, she said she wanted an expensive hooker or sex worker.

4. She ordered pizza for her fans

Lady Gaga is one of the artists who doesn’t forget the people who made her. She loves her fans more than anything. This is proved when she ordered $1000 worth of pizza for the people who were waiting for her outside. This incident happened at the record store singing. No doubt, fans loved her gesture.

5. Gaga is into Russian hookers and cheap gin

Another weird side to Gaga was revealed when she confessed that she has a liking for Russian prostitutes or hookers and cheap gin. She said this to the latest edition of Harper Bazaar US.

We love the fact that Lady Gaga is brutally honest. She is not the one to hide or shy away. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the facts as much as we loved sharing them.