5 Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Car Safe

Have you ever woken up to devastating news that your car has been robbed? If yes, then you’re not the only one.

Vehicle theft has been thriving the past few years; to fan the flames, stolen cars are challenging to track.

So if you want to avoid the risk of never seeing your car again, you have to take the initiative.

We have provided you with some valuable tips on how to protect and sell your car in Dubai.

1.  Be Careful Where You Park

Most of the time, when driving in a congested street, we get tempted to park in the first available spot we find, especially if we are in a hurry.

As tempting as that is, it’s best to think twice before parking in an exposed area since thieves might take advantage of that vulnerable spot.

Here are a few parking tips to protect your car from getting stolen.

  • You should always park your car in front of the restaurant’s windows if you want to dine in; your car might not be visible to you, but at least it’s visible to others, deterring thieves.
  • Never forget to put your wheels on full lock and leave your car facing the wall or garage door, whether you want to park your vehicle in a garage or on the street. Thieves usually go for easy targets, so they will less likely take the risk if the procedure needs some complex manoeuvres to get away.
  • Always try to park in well-lit and busy areas, avoiding dark parking spots because crowded areas surrounded by CCTV cameras are considered a threat to thieves.

2.  Make Sure Your Car Is Locked Properly

You know what they say; It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Nothing is worth getting your car stolen over one forgetful moment. Even if you only have to leave your vehicle for a 2 minute trip to the supermarket, always make sure you hear the “clunk” sound after you press the lock button. The mirrors should fold inwards, and the indicator lights are supposed to flash after you lock your car.

3.  Double-Checking

To make matters worse, those sly car thieves started using a handheld device that sabotages the signal from your key fob from a hundred miles away. These devices are unfortunately available online.

This is why it’s always essential to be one step ahead of these thieves; always try to open the door handle after locking your car to make sure it’s properly secured.

4.  Never Leave Your Belongings Visible to Others

In times like this, where robbery is at a record high, leaving your stuff on show is definitely a blunder.

Leaving your stuff unattended and visible to people highly attracts thieves. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is leave valuable property such as your wallet, purse, keys, or essential documents exposed in your car.

If you cannot take your stuff with you, make sure to hide them in a safe place, such as in the trunk of your car or the storage compartment in your central console.

5.  Upgrade Your Security

Most modern vehicles come equipped with high-tech security, such as immobilizers and alarms. But why stop there?

Install the most up-to-date equipment that guarantees your car’s security. These include:

1.    A Tracking Device.

Luxurious car brands, such as Mercedes and BMW, come equipped initially with trackers within their anti-theft system. However, if your old model car lacks this device, you should probably consider installing one. These devices help notify the police when your vehicle gets stolen by sending them the location of your car.

They also help you determine the value of your car if you get a car valuation in Dubai.

2.    CCTV Cameras.

One way to increase the safety and security of your car is to get a couple of CCTV cameras strategically placed, covering up the garage view.

These play a vital role in repelling and scaring the thieves away, and their cost won’t break a bank.

In conclusion, the safety of your car should always be a priority. It’s best to put these tips in mind to protect your vehicle from nasty thieves.

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