5 handy tips for ordering baseball jerseys for your team


Baseball was brought to North America by immigrants where it evolved to the version of the game that we see today. In the late 19th century, baseball emerged as one of the most popular games and eventually became the national game of the United States. In this time and age, baseball is loved by Americans of all ages, equally. Various teams are playing baseball at school, college, and national levels. Each level requires the team to wear the right baseball uniforms and use the proper gear according to the rules set by the various boards. Baseball jerseys and pants play an important role in making up all these teams. Thus, the team managers are never hesitant to invest time and effort in this area. Teams allocate substantial budgets for uniforms and accessories but some have limited resources and so have to outfit their teams in the best possible way in a limited budget. But hey, no worries, there are many online platforms where you can purchase custom baseball jerseys and that too at wholesale rates. However, many things need to be considered when selecting who to shop from. Besides the five essentials i-e comfort, style, versatility, durability, and ease of care, here are 5 other more guidelines that you can follow to end up with the best for your team.

1. Custom baseball jerseys 

Readymade baseball uniforms without customization are a big NO when it comes to team spirit, team building, and team identity. Your team expects and deserves to be outfitted in uniforms that are carefully thought over. You need to sit with people who have an eye for both the style and functionality required in the sport. It is important to figure out the best design and placement of your logo on the jerseys as well. For instance, whether it will look better on the front or at the back of the jersey. You can also put your logo across the front of a buttoned-down jersey. The sky is the limit when you think of customizing ideas. Besides the logo, also think of personalizing the baseball jerseys for each team member by adding their last name and player number on the back of the jersey. It will boost your players’ team spirit and they will be proud to wear their names as plaques. You have to think of various ways to come up with the one which will look most pleasing and effective on your uniforms.

2. Colors 

Every baseball team gets on the field in their own style and baseball jerseys are the first impression that set that style statement. The colors of baseball jerseys build team identity and eventually become a pride for each team member. Try to go for vivid and unique colors so your team stands out among the crowd. Additionally, prominent statement-making jerseys give a psychological advantage over the opponent team. Considering the importance of color, skip the shades that easily mingle with the crowd which will help your team to make up their mark.

3. Material

The material makes the essentials of uniforms. Durability, washability, style, and comfort are all dependent on the material of the jersey you are selecting. Polyester, pro-mesh, jacquard, and jersey are common fabrics that are being used for baseball uniforms these days. The material not only affects the look but also shapes team performance. If players are playing in a jersey that does not give them discomfort then their focus will not waiver during the game. Therefore put a lot of consideration in selecting the fabric such as the weather your team will be playing in, the age of your team, etc. You can also go for the moisture-wicking material to make your team sweat-free and comfortable during a game.

4. Size accuracy

A standard common size for the whole team is indeed an option that is an easy and cheap way to purchase jerseys for your team. But your team deserves the best that you can do for them. Therefore, you need to take a perfect measurement of each team member according to the fit, snug or loose, of the jersey that you want.

5. The right manufacturer

There are numerous vendors that you can find online and offline to order your baseball uniforms. However, you need to take few steps before finalizing your vendor. You will have to conduct market research to compare the rates, delivery time, variety, and aftersales services of the stores. Also carefully go through the customer reviews so you have as much information as possible to make the right decision.

For best baseball jerseys, you can go for various techniques of customization according to your budget and liking. If you want to keep it simple then you can opt for screen-printed logos. For a more elaborate look, you can have your logo embroidered on the jerseys. It is better to keep the players’ names and numbers in the printed form so the jerseys are lighter in weight. To make the task easier you can list down your players’ names, numbers and size before placing an order for your custom baseball jerseys.

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