5 Great and Cheap Stag Do Destinations

The 5 cheap destinations for a Stag Party Weekend are, Krakow, Lviv, Budapest, Bucharest and Riga. All of them are available to fly to with all the low cost airlines and the flight times are around a comfortable 2 hours.In some cases even a luxury as opposed to a budget Stag Do works out to be affordable in comparison to other major European cities. So, let’s do the run down on cheap Stag Dos starting with:

Krakow, Poland – Is the most central, in fact, it is in the centre of Europe although many western Europeans might believe it is in the east due to the notorious Cold War period post-WWII. Krakow an enchanting and magical city that dates back to the 7th century, however, this historical city is definitely equipped for the 21st century with all the mod cons and services you would expect in this day and age. The two main regions are the Old Town with its massive square-Rynek-and the Jewish quarter known as Kazimierz. These two areas are packed with all kinds of pubs, clubs, restaurants of international cuisine and entertainment venues galore. Krakow is cheap as chips, one dedicated Krakow Stag do company, Party Krakowhas a remarkable offer of 2 nights city centre accommodation plus return airport transfers with 2 days and 2 nights of free and unlimited beer included for under a £100, cheap as chips with gravy too.

Lviv, Western Ukraine – A short hop going east we have Lviv which used to be part of Poland in the past. This majestic city is home to Ukraine’s biggest dance club the Malevich Club and strip club, Eros Show Bar which is quite handy for traditional Stag Party Weekends. Once again cheap booze and plenty of Stag group action in the city centre on Rynok Square and a constant bevy of beauties to crick your neck while downing your bevvies that cost pennies.

Budapest, Hungary – South of Krakow and Lviv is the city that is hailed as Europe’s sex capital, Budapest. You are spoilt for choice on the amount of strip joints and bars but the zone which attracts the most is District 7 often called the Jewish Quarter like Krakow’s Kazimierz area. The Hello Baby and SzimplaKert are the venues to lap up the true nightlife in Budapest. Some unusual Stag Do activities available are Drive a Tank, yep a real tank, Car Smashingand drinking shots off naked bodies.

Bucharest, Romania – South east of Budapest and south of Lviv we come across another cheap and value for money Stag Party destination Bucharest.To celebrate with the Stag it comes highly recommended Dinner with Dominatrix, total humiliation as it should be and a decent pint in Bucharest costs less than a pound and a fiver on average for when dining out.

Riga, Latvia – We go way north now to Riga which is situated on the great Duagava River close to the Baltic Sea coast and borders with 3 ex-Soviet bloc countries Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus. Also, Russia on its east border. Apparently, you can live on £400 a month in Riga and that includes all utilities, rents and food, so, yes Riga is very cheap when you consider that it’s possible to blow £400 in a full on Friday to Sunday Lad’s event back home. As for Stag activities only in Riga you have the day trip to Jurmala Beach with Stripper Sailing among other Stag Party attractions and the summer bobsleigh course which sounds like good fun.

All these fine cities named have many Stag Do activities in common such as Guided Pub Crawls, Beer Bikes, VIP Club Entry, Strip Shows left, right and centre while eating, drinking, Party Bus, limos and Hummers and even in your accommodation, all kinds of shooting package deals from AK 47s to Paintballing. If you like the thrill of driving then they all offer Go-Karting, Off Roading and Quad Biking.

Also there is an important matter of safety- while some major western European cities have been hit with terrorist attacks, the cities of central and Eastern Europe remain a safe haven so far So, if you are looking to get a lot done on your Stag Weekend with a limited budget then check out these super affordable Stag Party destinations, they are worth it.