5 Gifts for the Puzzle or Game Fanatic

Puzzling is therapeutic for enthusiasts. If you know a puzzle fanatic, you understand what a sport they are when it comes to staying at home and puzzling all day. Their collection is fantastic, and it’s insane fun for them to keep collecting and solving more. So what’s better than gifting them some more on their special days or just any day? To help you with gift-giving challenges, here’s a list full of personalized creative touches and things puzzle lovers will certainly appreciate. Take a look…

1. 1000 Color Changing Puzzle

This is a unique color-changing puzzle that’s totally worth having for any puzzle lover. For jigsaw fanatics, this one’s going to be a fantastic addition to their collection. The pieces are beautiful, and it’s much of a logic puzzle and extremely challenging. There are different variants of the 1000 color puzzle, but this one particular is most-loved. It’s all about the play of colors and strategies that’ll get this done. There are 1000 pieces with distinctive hues, and it’s definitely not a beginner level puzzle. Once done, it can also be hanged as a beautiful decor piece on the wall.

2. Crossword Puzzle Reprint

This is the perfect gift for puzzlers who’d not go even a single day without solving a crossword.  A reprint and framed New York Times crossword puzzle is certainly touching. To make it more personalized, you can choose a particular date or event and get the crossword of that time. What’s even better is that the frame comes signed by Will Shortz.

The charm of paper-pen crosswords is absolutely enticing, but, you can also have your puzzle buddy play an online challenge of griddlers – another similar logic puzzle but with somewhat distinctive gameplay and rules. We love it, and they’ll love it too!

3. Darwin’s Dinosaur Egg

It’s a classic 3D wooden puzzle that takes its name from the revolutionary naturalist Charles Darwin. To solve this one, the players take apart all the nine interlocking pieces of the puzzle and attempt to put them back to their original shape, i.e., the egg. It’s not too time-consuming, but exciting and worth having.

4. Aristotle’s Number Puzzle

This one may not look as appealing as some other puzzles but is certainly detailed – aged wood, hexagon shape, and sophisticated design. It seems like a Sudoku challenge but requires some mathematical abilities as well. If your puzzle buddy likes taking up challenges, this is the perfect one that’s also reasonably priced.

5. A-Maze Ball

Well, if you’d not want to gift something too time-consuming or overwhelming, this is a compact yet powerful puzzle, and no, it’s not a kids’ game. The A-Maze ball is pretty much for everyone who has a love for colors, puzzles, and balls. Also, the colors represent the difficulty, and the pocket-friendly design makes it a perfect present.

So that’s all we have.

From an innovative griddlers app to a classic wooden puzzle, we’ve covered them all. I hope you’re able to make a better choice, and your puzzle buddy loves these gifts.