5 Furniture Pieces You Can Totally Live Without

Moving into a new home is your chance to give everything your own personal touch! But it’s also easy to go overboard when you think everything you see is something you have to have.

Furnishing and decorating a house or apartment can be expensive enough even when you’re only focusing on the essentials. When you add this little thing here and that little thing there, suddenly you’re way over budget, and you don’t know how you got there.

If you need to cut corners to stay within your shopping budget, but you’re not sure where to cut funds, don’t lose heart! 

There are some expensive furniture pieces that you might have been considering that you can totally live without. And if you really have to have them, you can always get them later!

1. Living Room Tables

The living room is your home’s go-to for entertaining. Whether you have company or you’re just relaxing and “entertaining” yourself, you don’t need much.

This is especially true if space is an issue. As long as you can sit comfortably and do whatever you do to unwind, the extras are unnecessary!

You know those side tables that you have seen in most homes? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what they’re actually for? 

Besides adding a bit of storage space and a place to set your drink down, they don’t do much.

One thing they are suitable for is cluttering up a room, though. It’s hard to keep those flat surfaces from collecting your junk mail and odds and ends you don’t feel like dealing with at the time. 

Without that little extra space to lay your clutter, you’re more likely to go ahead and take care of it, helping you to be more organized, too.

Instead of wasting money and room on end, coffee, and side tables, why not invest in an entertainment center with shelves and storage?

You probably will have a television anyway, so this takes care of two problems with one piece of furniture.

With the extra space you have without the side tables, you can relax and unwind in simplistic peace!

2. Loveseats/Recliners

All you need for now is a place to sit and be comfortable. How many seats you have in your living room should match how many people will be sitting there most frequently.

If you have a big family, a large couch and a loveseat or recliner are necessary for everyone to spend time together. For people who always have a lot of company, those extra seats come in handy, too. But otherwise, they just turn into unused furniture that isn’t functional, takes up room, and is harder to keep up with. 

Pick either a couch or a loveseat and a recliner and have some fold-up chairs on hand just in case you ever need the extra seats. It saves you a lot of space and money!

3. A Nightstand

If you already have a dresser you can put nearby, why use a nightstand?

Traditionally, these small pieces of furniture go next to the bed to store your evening and morning essentials. This was almost always an alarm clock in the past, but now, most people use their cell phones as their alarms.

The other must-have item by your bedside is usually a lamp. But technology makes that unnecessary, too. If you have any smart assistants in your home, like Alexa or Echo, upgrade your outlets to a smart plug. Then, you can get a floor lamp, plug it in, and use Echo or Alexa to turn your lights on and off with a simple command.

The little miscellanea like your glasses, books, and water bottle can fit in an organizer that hooks to your bed. Problem solved without an expensive side table that clutters your room!

4. A Bookshelf

Unless you have enough books to fill it up, a bookcase is a waste of needed space and funds. 

If you notice bookshelves in your friends’ and family’s homes, most of the time, they’re used as catch-alls. This works fine if you already have this furniture piece. But you don’t have to buy one just to have a place to store your pictures and knickknacks.

Wall-mounted shelves are a smart way to make use of your vertical space that usually goes to waste. If you can’t hang shelves, an entertainment center with storage space does the same thing a bookshelf does, plus you can put your TV on it.

5. A Massive Entertainment Center

You might want to go all out and fill your living room with a fancy entertainment center, but you shouldn’t. Unless you plan on living in the same place for many years and keeping your living room the same exact way, this furniture item is a definite “no.” 

Wall-to-wall entertainment centers are cumbersome and hard to keep clean. If you decide to get rid of them later, chances are you won’t recoup your investment. 

It’s always challenging to sell these because they’re so large. Unless you significantly reduce the price you paid for it, most people aren’t going to want the hassle of buying it from you and moving it to their homes.

If you’re one of the many who enjoy moving furniture around every few months, this entertainment stand is going to lower your options. Between the upkeep and the limitations, this is one investment you may end up regretting.


When you’re debating on how to furnish and decorate your new place, focus on the necessities first.

The not-so-little things add up quickly. If you have to cut corners to stay within your budget, you can feel confident about crossing these five furniture items off your list while you shop!

Author Bio
Aaron Hunt is the property manager for Prime Place OSU. He can be reached by email at [email protected] or by call or text at 405-708-7605.