5 Fun Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

When you’re looking for creative ways to show your team how much you value their work and commitment to your company, it can be challenging to develop innovative ways to show your appreciation. Before you falter to easy solutions like desk plants, travel mugs, and ballpoint pens, check out these five ideas to express your gratitude like a boss. 

1. The Thank You Note

Appreciation for handwritten notes never goes out of style. Instead of the usual chicken scratch filled post-it note, take some time to tell your staff how much you care with a handwritten thank you note on stationery paper or a notecard. By personalizing thank you notes with your thoughts and reflections, your staff will see how much you genuinely appreciate their hard work. Show your appreciation, old-school, and write what you feel! 

2. Add Reward Systems

As a way to show your appreciation and streamline your company success, strategize and adopt a company reward system that allows employees to accumulate points that grant them rewards for jobs well done. For example, say you decide to set a record number of sales. The first employee to make the most sales in a week wins added vacation time or a paid spa treatment during your company retreat. Use these tactics to boost employee motivation and show your appreciation at the same time. 

3. The Oddball Out 

Depending on the culture you’ve got going for your business, some gifts will be appreciated more than others. If you run a formal business, for instance, giving out custom socks might be an unexpected gift to showcase your employee appreciation. Sometimes, however, going against the grain and surprising your employees with something comical is precisely the approach to take. On the other hand, staying with the expected may win over your team just the same. For example, if you run a construction company, always go with expected construction worker gifts. Workers on their feet will appreciate food over materialistic items, any day of the week. You want your employees to appreciate your gift as much as you appreciate them, so coming up with creative ways of saying thank you will be more memorable if you think of unexpected ways to do this. 

4. Classic Dinner Vouchers 

An appropriate and well-received way to show your appreciation is to give your employees dinner vouchers that they can use for a meal out with their families. Working in business often requires workers to place family time on the backburner. Having a boss who tries to create time for them and their families is always valued by staff. You can find dinner voucher options online or select a restaurant yourself and present your team with a gift card to a fancy restaurant you know they’ll like. You want to treat your team members at the same level that you value your customers. Leave thoughtlessness at the door. 

5. Use Public Recognition

To show true appreciation, state the obvious via a public acknowledgment in your next business meeting. Say a staff member or team has done exceptionally well with a recent task. Acknowledge their efforts with an applauded statement of recognition during an office meeting or event speech. The fact that it’s in front of the company will boost confidence and inspire your team to work harder. Best part? It costs nothing to deliver a thoughtful thank you. 

The Bottom Line 

You don’t have to settle for cliché trinkets to tell your staff how much you appreciate them. Use the ideas on this list, and your team will appreciate your unconventional approaches as much as you appreciate their hard work. 


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.