5 Fun outdoor winter activities

Are you fed up with being stuck inside all winter? Here are 5 things that you can do outside in the cold season 

There are two types of people out there. People who love spending time indoors during the winter months and those people who desperately want to be outside enjoying all the sports and activities they do in the summer. 

The good news is that if you want to be having fun outside in the winter then you can. Just make sure you wrap up warm. 

There is a whole range of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in the winter. So many in fact, that we can’t fit them all on this list. So, we have narrowed this list down to our 5 favorite outdoor winter activities. We hope this inspires you to have more fun outdoors this winter. 

Star Gazing 

We’re going to kick off this list with an activity that you can enjoy at any age, in any sized group, and with little to no equipment. 

The winter months may be the coldest but they are also the darkest, this means that they offer us the best chance to get a good look at the night sky. 

To star gaze you just need a clear night, a warm coat, and a blanket to lie on. If you want to learn more about the stars above you then you can get a star gazing app or book to help you work out what you are looking at. 

If you spend time star gazing in the summer then it is worth doing it in the winter as well, as you will see a different set of stars. 


Skiing is a classic winter sport that has fallen a little out of fashion over the last decade. But what’s not to love? The sport is the perfect combination of thrills and skills. And it’s an activity that you can enjoy with your whole family or with a group of friends. 

Skiing is traditionally done on snowy slopes but there are plenty of indoor winter sports centers with ski slopes across the country. Everyone will be able to enjoy skiing this winter even if they aren’t blessed with snow on the ground. 

If you need some new skiing equipment then we recommend that you visit Altitude Sports

Scavenger hunts

Lots of people don’t like going outside in the winter because it can be cold and bleak. What you need to do is find a winter activity that gets your heart rate up and helps you to enjoy the beauty of the season. 

Planning a scavenger hunt will do both of these things. This isn’t just an activity that children can do. If you make a scavenger hunt competitive then every single adult involved will be running around and having a great time. 

Scavenger hunts do take a little bit of advanced planning but they are more than worth it. You can even make the game more exciting by ending at a bar or offering a prize to the winners of the game. 

Ice Skating 

Throughout the winter season, ice rinks will be popping up all over the country along with winter fairs. Why not make a day of it? Head out to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or cider then hit the ice rink. 

Ice skating is a great family activity, a day out with friends and it even makes a great first date. Ice skating can be a little tricky at first but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Plus there is nothing funnier than seeing your friends fall over on the ice rink. 

You won’t even need to bring your own pair of skates, you can rent them by the hour. Just remember to protect your fingers by wearing gloves.  


This activity is for those of you who are feeling really brave this winter. Our final suggestion is to do some polar bear swimming. 

Polar bear swimming involves going for short swims in cold water. It gets your heart rate up and some experts believe that swimming in cold water can actually decrease the amount of anxiety you experience from day to day. 

To go Polar bear swimming you will need a good wetsuit, somewhere safe to swim, and a healthy dose of will power. It is more fun when you do it with friends and you can combine it with watching the sunrise or sunset for an extra shot of natural beauty in your day. 


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