5 fun hobby classes to keep your little one engaged this summer

Keeping children engaged happily and productively all throughout the summer season is no mean task! Parents often face a tough time getting their kids to remain engaged in activities throughout the day while also helping them find outlets to channelize their seemingly never-ending reserves of energy in turn! It is here that experts recommend activities which can not only offer these outlets of expending energy for children but also help them harness their inner creativity and build vital skills. It is also ideal if these activities can have an element of group work and social interaction with peers (online of course in the current scenario) while also teaching valuable motor skills and powers of expression to children and keeping them engaged and more productive. 

The solution is quite simple really; parents may try fun online hobby classes to keep their kids happily engaged this summer. Yellow Class has a plethora of online hobby classes for children that will teach them critical and valuable skills while also helping them stimulate their abilities of creative and intrinsic expression. 

On that note, here are the top 5 hobby classes that are recommended for your bundle of joy this summer: 

  • Painting– You can opt for a variety of online painting classes for keeping your little one happily splashing around with his/her favorite colors while learning how to paint his/her favorite themes and motifs at the same time. From watercolor painting to acrylic painting and even finer forms like Madhubani painting, children may get exposure to various styles and techniques of painting with hobby classes at Yellow Class. 
  • DrawingKids drawing classes are always fun and engaging. There are a variety of online hobby classes available with regard to easy drawing for kids. These will teach motor skills and hand eye coordination to your children while also bringing out their inherent artistic talents and powers of creative expression. 
  • Dance– An online dance class will be great in helping your child expend energy while also learning some cool moves at the same time. From hip hop and Bollywood dance to even Zumba for fitness, there is a lot that your little one can indulge in for a healthy mixture of good health and fun alike. 
  • Flameless Cooking– This is a fun hobby class that parents can encourage their children to try. Cooking is always a fun team activity and when parents join in, the energy and happiness are simply infectious! Let your children learn how to rustle up simple and easy snacks without needing to use the oven or cooking hob at all! 
  • Storytelling– Online English storytelling and other storytelling hobby classes will captivate your child while growing his/her interest in stories and books. These classes will stimulate imaginative powers and creativity along with improving his/her vocabulary greatly in turn. 

These are the best 5 hobby classes that parents can consider for a fun-filled and happy summer for their children.