5 Fun Google Facts That Will Make You CURIOUS!


Google is one of the most popular search engines on the planet, and for good reason. It’s packed with information, from the latest news stories to interesting facts about various topics. But even if you’re not using Google all that often, you might be curious about some of its more obscure features. In this article, we’re going to share 20 fun Google facts that will make you curious about the company in a whole new way. From the origins of Google Doodle to the strange history of Gmail, take a read and learn something new!

What led you to want to be curious?

As a kid, curiosity was one of my most dominant traits. I loved learning new things and asking questions. This interest has stayed with me throughout my life and has helped me achieve many goals. From learning languages to becoming an entrepreneur, curiosity has always been a driving force behind my actions.

In this post, I’ve listed  i’m feeling curious about some of them are pretty weird, but that’s what makes them so interesting! So why not give some of these strange facts a try for yourself? They might just surprise you!

1) There are more than 800 million active Google users every month.
2) The original Google search engine was developed in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
3) Google Maps was first released in 2005 and quickly became one of the most popular tools on the internet.
4) In 2011, Google released its Street View service which allowed users to explore virtually every street in the world.
5) YouTube was originally created as a video sharing site in 2005 by three students at Stanford University.
6) The “OK” hand sign was first used onGoogle Earth to indicate that someone had pressed the Enter key to submit their data for processing.
7) The Google Doodles feature celebrates unique and interesting happenings throughout the world and is updated regularly.

Why do you think curiosity is important?

Interesting facts about Google can fascinate anyone! From its humble beginnings as a directory of information to its role in modern society, curiosity is an essential part of Google’s story. Here are five fascinating Google facts that will make you curious:

1. Google was founded by two Stanford students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, in 1998.
2. The company’s original name was “BackRub,” but the domain name was already taken. They settled on the current name, Google, after a brainstorming session where they suggested “googol” as a catchy name for their new project (10 to the power of 100).
3. In 2004, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion.
4. In 2006, Gmail was released as part of the Google Apps suite of products.
5. On July 25th, 2009, Larry Page announced that he and Sergey Brin would be stepping down from their roles as CEO and CTO of Google respectively.

How did you get started being curious?

I think the thing that got me started being curious was when I was young and my parents would take us to museums. I remember being awestruck by all of the exhibits and wanting to know more about them.

Another trigger for my curiosity was when I moved to the United States from Canada. There were so many things, both big and small, that I didn’t know about. My desire to learn about them led me to explore the internet extensively, which in turn sparked my love of learning new things. Now, curiosity is something that drives me and motivates me to continue learning.

Why do you think curiosity can be a good thing?

Curiosity is a good thing because it can help people learn things they wouldn’t otherwise know. Curiosity also can lead to creativity and innovation. For example, artist Vincent van Gogh was known for being very curious and often asked other people what they thought of his paintings. This led to him developing his own style and creating some of the most famous paintings in history.

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