5 Fun Facts About Renting A Catamaran Charters In Greece 

There is no better way to explore Greece than by boat, as the country has over 2,000 islands, 170 of which are inhabited. Besides, the country is spread across the Aegean and Ionian seas and profits from the warm Mediterranean climate, rich culture, and delicious food that will make you want to stay in Europe forever. 

While yachting vacation trips may appear only for the wealthy and famous, hiring a yacht in Greece is more accessible and less expensive than you think. There are several options to choose from to fit your budget and requirements. This article will cover 5 fun facts about renting a Catamaran Charters in Greece. But first, let’s discuss why one must choose a Catarman.  

Why a catamaran 

A catamaran is balanced on two hulls, making it much easier to handle than traditional sailboats with only one. In addition to being more stable than a traditional sailboat, a catamaran also offers a roomier living space for those on board, with more space both below deck and above deck. Although more abundant catamaran charter greece is available for larger groups, a catamaran usually has two double cabins, making it ideal for a family. 

5 fun facts about renting a Catarman Charters 

They date back millennia 

Although the modern catamaran appears to be an advanced spacecraft with the most advanced boating technology, the concept is centuries old. Over a thousand years ago, Polynesian explorers sailed the Pacific Ocean in boats that resembled modern catamarans. William Dampier, an English pirate, and navigator, was the first to complete a triple circumnavigation. He was impressed by their ability to float and speed. He visited Tamil Nadu in India while on his Pacific Ocean voyage and watched the locals sail on a boat he had never seen before. 

Dampier brought the design to Europe at the end of the 17th century. Still, it took Nathanael Herreshoff another two centuries to transform it into the first catamaran of the modern world, a boat with sails and masts. 

There is plenty of room for everyone 

The cabins of Catamarans can hold up to 12 people in various arrangements. Depending on the length, they have between 2 and 5 restrooms/showers. Many catamarans can be rented bareboat (no crew; a boating license is required), skippered, or entirely crewed. 

Hiring a bareboat catamaran charter is a good option if you have sailing experience. By taking charge of the charter yourself, you can do so at a lower cost and reap the benefits of absolute freedom and independence. 

Additionally, you can charter A by the cabin, which is a way of booking a cabin in which you only have to pay for your cabin on a shared catamaran. It works for modestly sized gatherings on a budget or for people who want company on deck. The good part about this is that you’ll still enjoy having a whole crew take care of everything for you, and you might even meet interesting people during your trip. 

They are fast 

One of the main benefits of sailing a catamaran is speed, especially for those who use a catamaran charter to go island-hopping. Catamarans are more stable and swifter than most monohulls, especially sailboats. Their rate is due to their design, which enables them to sail closer to the water. The amount of the ship submerged in the water decreases, reducing drag.  

Additionally, because the extra width shields them from large waves and choppy waters, they are safer and less likely to capsize. They are also ideal for those who cannot stand rough seas and waves due to their low slope. 

They enable you to visit many places 

As mentioned before, this country is full of beaches. Because of this, only boats can access some of the beaches. Many of these beaches are stunning, scenic, and unspoiled. If you are looking for an ideal place for swimming and sunbathing, then you must visit these beaches as they are less crowded with tourists and have less human pollution. Thus, chartering a boat is the only way to visit Greece’s most beautiful locations. 

Various cities and towns are available as departure points for catamaran charters. Some of the most popular places to visit on Greece’s coast are Athens, Corfu, Lavrion, Santorini, Mykonos, Lefkas, and Paros.  

Boarding a catamaran can be difficult if you don’t plan ahead 

Due to their unique design, catamarans often demand double or more of the docking space required by a monohull vessel. This is why finding a docking spot in a crowded marina can be difficult and expensive, especially in busy summer ports like Monaco, Nice, or Dubrovnik. This means you must plan ahead of time and reserve a room. 

Other tips 

A first-time catamaran trip can be intimidating, but you’ll feel right at home once you set sail in suitable conditions. Here are some valuable tips to ensure you have the best holiday possible: 

  • Pack light: It is advisable to pack light as charters do not have as much room to store everything as in a hotel room. 
  • Be ready to get wet: Stilettos and designer handbags have no place on a catamaran vacation, so do not bring anything you wouldn’t want to touch in saltwater. 
  • Pack sunscreen: Compared to a land-based vacation, you’ll be exposed to more direct sunlight at sea. To ensure your safety in the sun while on vacation, pack sunscreen. 


Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a complete novice, a catamaran charter is more affordable than many individuals realize. If you plan and research correctly, you can have the best trip to Greece. 

It is more comfortable than other boats and can take you to many locations only accessible by sea. But make sure to book in advance. Otherwise, you might not get many options to choose from. You can find one that fits your budget and needs by booking in advance. 

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