5 Florida Neighborhoods That Should Be on Your Radar

Do you look forward to moving to Florida? Then there are some neighborhoods that you should be on, then look out for. In most cases, people usually focus their attention on Miami Beach, among other areas in Florida.

We’ll now look into five Florida neighborhoods that are supposed to be on your radar, and they include:

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach has a long stretch that is 23 miles long, and it comprises white sand. The beach is present along the Atlantic Ocean. The neighborhood is also home to the Daytona International Speedway and NASCAR.

The speedway is large, and it has occupied at least 500 acres. It is referred to as a “World Center of Racing.” It usually hosts the Daytona 500, which is a motor race that is 500 miles long. In March, there is the Bike Week held annually, and there are many fans who usually come to Florida to attend the 10-day event.

Daytona Beach is also well known for having affordable housing. As for value, the region is more affordable as compared to other areas. The pricing will take time to increase too.

In the world of Florida real estate, especially among the state’s well-developed coastal communities, Daytona Beach is known for its relative affordability.


This is a family-friendly neighborhood, and it is filled with celebrities. The region is currently attracting a considerable number of people with a huge net worth, and they’re banking on the beauty of Destin.

More people are relocating to Destin. The realtors in the region are keeping up with each of these trends. In Destin, you get to have a unique experience. You can dress up and get to have some of the best entertainment and dining experiences in Florida. The atmosphere is laid back. The beach community is also family-oriented, and it has been epitomized.Check out these Best Destin Florida Family Vacation Ideas

Each of the mentioned attributes makes Destin a preferable destination for many people, especially amid the current pandemic. Many people are currently working remotely. Some of these individuals have seized this opportunity, and they have migrated to areas such as Destin because of the beach and the area is not crowded. Children are also engaging in e-learning, which means they can learn from anywhere; hence parents can take advantage of the flexibility factor. During your free time, you can relax at the beach.

In the past year, Destin has become popular among buyers and vacationers. A huge population is mainly after acquiring a house that will act as their primary residence instead of a vacation rental. Some of these people are relocating from states that had been locked down, and they’re in the pursuit of finding a home where they can work remotely while also homeschooling their kids.

One of the reasons why a considerable population is currently interested in relocating to Florida is because there is no state income tax. There is the convenience factor in Destin since you can easily drive towards the South-Eastern part of the nation. The region is also appealing because of the beaches. The investment potential is also another factor to consider since the area is growing fast.

Currently, there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to reviving the economy; nonetheless, some of the sectors you should consider investing in include real estate. Destin boasts of having good returns when it comes to rental property.

 Riverside Avondale

When you think of Florida, there is a high likelihood that you’ll start thinking of relaxing at the beach. In Riverside Avondale, there are different water bodies. The beaches are also appealing. Do you like playing golf? If yes, Riverside Avondale is your go-to neighborhood. There are also numerous medical facilities in this neighborhood.

The region is also affordable. You can acquire different items for less; there are historic bungalows and mansions in the region. Also, there are gardens and local parks, a biking and walking distance, and good restaurants, which makes this neighborhood a favorable landing spot.

Pompano Beach

This is a laid-back neighborhood. In the past few years, there have been upgrades to the beachfront and numerous forms of redevelopment. There are also more luxury residential projects, and the sales margins have improved.

In this neighborhood, you can get to engage in activities such as sailing and fishing. The homes are also affordable. The value of the houses has also grown over the years. As a resident of Pompano Beach, you can also take advantage of the tax benefits.

The development of this neighborhood came about in the 1890s. During this period, a railroad was constructed and it would allow people to travel from Miami to West Palm Beach. Initially, the land was being used to agricultural purposes and some of the crops that were being planted included tomatoes and pineapples.

Cape Coral

This is a community that has been master-planned. In this neighborhood, you’ll get that Midwestern feel. The neighborhood is popular among people who are fond of the beach.

The region is also growing fast. At Cape Coral, you get to gain from affordability, and the quality of life is good.

The market in Cape Coral is quite busy. The real estate prices have also been increasing gradually during this period. The market usually slows down during the festive season and the elections period.

Amid the pandemic, there are many people who have expressed an interest in Cape Coral. Even after the lockdowns were imposed because of COVID-19, the market has not slowed down. Cape Coral also has one of the affordable waterfronts in Florida.

There are different neighborhoods in Florida that you should keep on your radar, and we have listed five of them above. If you’re looking for Lakeland real estate or something a little more urban, make sure you contact a knowledgeable real estate agent.