5 Features To Consider For Your Dream Home Design

Finding the dream home design you’ve always wanted is harder than it may initially seem. If it isn’t the abundance of choice or the diverse range of modern interior design aesthetics that’s causing you trouble, then it’s probably not being able to blend what you want with room functionality.

It is fairly common to love a particular piece of furniture or feature, only for it to clash with your room style or overall home theme. And who will change a whole room for one feature or piece of furniture?

For this article, we will look at features that you can consider for your dream home design. If deciding to redecorate, it’s best to pick and stick with one theme – then tailor your furniture around that.

This not only keeps this consistent, but it keeps it simple!

Start With A Sofa

A sofa is a piece of fantastic furniture to build a living room around. Using it as your main design focal point is a great idea because the sofa is almost always the piece of furniture or feature that clashes the most with its surroundings. 

If you want a modern design and are looking for a neutral sofa that’ll blend in, choose a sofa with shades such as light beige, a soft grey, or charcoal black – as these shades generally fit in well with anything.

You’ll want to avoid stark whites, deep browns, purples, or bright colours, as these will contrast more than blend unless you tailor your room to a specific aesthetic (such as art deco).

One of the main reasons sofas don’t fit is wear and tear. They are usually the first piece of furniture that’ll need to be replaced, as they’re the most often used by most people. Invest in high-quality furniture from reputable artisans to ensure the longevity of your purchase.

Decorate Window Frames

Window frames don’t get enough love in interior design. Usually, they’ll get the odd paint job or be replaced now and again, but that’s about it. A window frame is a great way to add subtle style to any house room!

Even something simple, like painting them a different colour that matches the overall theme you are going for, is a great way to add some personalisation to your dream home. 

If you enjoy a more eccentric feel for your home, you can consider high-grade coloured or patterned frosting. These are a great way to give the natural light that reaches your rooms a desirable hue. 

Two Tone Your Internal Doors

If your home has many internal doors, this is yet another interior design opportunity. Every home aesthetic will have a primary colour for its theme and a secondary colour, and some designs even have tertiary colours. 

Two-toning your doors to match these primary and secondary colours is a fantastic way to add some pop to your home.

You don’t need to elaborate on it. Maybe paint the natural wooden contours in the door differently or paint the door frame.

Alternatively, you can remove the doors entirely and use curtains, beads, or no door to open up your spaces.

Do Away With Carpets

Carpets have had their time, but the truth of the matter is that they are hard to maintain and easy to spoil. Some home styles will benefit from a carpet, especially retro designs from the 70s and 80s, but for modern designs, it just isn’t ‘in’.

Opting to go for hardwood, vinyl, or laminate flooring is far more stylish and offers you a robust floor that’s easy to clean and looks great!

You can also pair this flooring type with rugs and mats so that your feet aren’t always cold in winter.

If you have kids or pets, getting rid of carpets will save you a lot of effort in cleaning up the inevitable mess they’ll make. Keep your dream home looking excellent and tidy!

Add Some Shelves and Shelving Units

Storage is another big thing for any home. You’ll be tripping over the kid’s toys or spare newspapers without the right storage. Shelving units offer abundant storage, and most units have hidden storage and display units – meaning you can tidy up and show off any prized ornaments.

Shelves are a great addition to add a home too, and they can act as displays or functional shelves to give you plenty of space to work with for whatever you want.

Most shelves are fairly easy to install nowadays, with a hammer and nail installation process replaced with powerful stick-on adhesives (that won’t ruin your wall).


There’s so much advice out there for creating the ‘dream’ home – there’s no way we could cover it all. But we hope our article has given you some ideas to start (or continue) your research into what you think will work for you.


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