5 Features Every Shop Management Software Should Have

The inventory control system can avoid disorganization in the processes, which jeopardizes the fulfillment of delivery deadlines and the business’s profitability. This is because the manager can follow the demand forecast and have greater consumption predictability to know when to purchase raw materials.

What Is A Shop Management Software?

The shop management software is a technology for controlling and monitoring this entire sector of the retail shop. This is because it is a technology that integrates the production sector with sales, allowing the optimization of purchase volumes.

Therefore, this solution allows the manager to have more control over the company’s production and access data that would enable more proactive decisions.

The Importance Of Inventory Planning And Management

Good inventory control planning is essential to the growth and development of any retail shop. Without a good management system, there can be a lack of products or goods that have been in stock for a long time. Both cases result in financial losses for the company.

The company will always have the materials needed to produce its goods and serve its customers with efficient inventory management. It will also be able to maintain the quality of its products and the delivery time.

5 Features All Shop Management Software Should Have

As we saw earlier, the shop management software facilitates and automates a company’s processes. Understand more about the main benefits of this technology:

Sector Integration

The automation of processes makes it possible to integrate all company sectors. This is because the solution records the products delivered by the supplier and indicates that they are already in stock. When there is a goods issue, the system also records this, which generates a notification.

This helps keep track of sales and provide data to the finance sector. With this, all processes are centralized, which reduces errors in tax calculations.

Purchase Forecast

Another advantage of having a stock control and storage system is predicting the need for purchases. The manager can establish minimum and maximum stock limits for the system to monitor and notify when the goods need to be replaced.

It also helps in decision-making and monitoring the number of sales of each merchandise. An example of a report is the one that identifies the products with the most significant relevance to the business concerning the number of sales and the profitability generated.

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Cost Analysis

The monitoring that this technology provides also allows for an analysis of production costs. This is because the manager has the necessary information to assess the value of the raw material, the time it stays in stock, the period needed to manufacture the product and the loss rates.

The system can also estimate profit on each product, which increases the possibility of making better decisions for the business’s success. Therefore, it is possible to identify the need to change processes to ensure more agility and efficiency.

Real-Time Inventory Value

The software you choose must have the ability to determine the real-time inventory value. This will help you to have a good grip over the functioning of the business. 

Low Stock Alert

The software you choose must have a low stock alert system. Using this you will get the notifications and alerts about a particular product going low in stock.

How To Choose Shop Management Software?

To choose the best option for a shop management software, you need to assess your company’s specific needs. Evaluate the features that best serve your business. See more tips below:


It is essential to analyze the supplier’s credibility and its time in the market. Solid companies usually indicate that the products offered are of quality. You can also check your primary customers and what they say about the system and the company.

Module integration

Another tip is to opt for stock control systems that can integrate with other modules. So you can have a more complete and personalized solution that will meet your business’s demands. Technology needs to adapt to the organization’s processes.

Monitoring and control

The solution must monitor the management of stock and storage are done together. This is particularly important for perishable goods. This way, it is possible to identify if any product is close to its expiration date.

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