5 Facts about How PEMF Supports Bone Density and Joint Function

Bones provide structure and protect organs. Therefore, it’s important to keep your bones strong and healthy. But most people complaint about joint pain as they get older.  A large ratio of American has some kind of bones problem.

Women are at higher risk of developing bones issues than men.  Over 10 million women in United States have osteoporosis. Among those every 4 in 10 women will experience spine, wrist and hip fracture. 

 Mostly joint pain occurs due to arthritis. Moreover, poor lifestyle, musculoskeletal disease and injuries also trigger pain in joints and bones.

You can avoid joint pain and increase bone density and joint functionality by choosing an appropriate treatment. On such treatment is PEMF therapy. The clinical evidence confirms that PEMF is a great tool for reducing inflammation and relieving back pain.

But the question is how does PEMF work? Should you rely on it? Keep reading to explore all the benefits of PEMF for better joint and bone health!

5 facts about how PEMF therapy supports bone density and joint function?

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field. These low frequency magnetic fields penetrate into body cells and promote their proper functioning.  FDA has also approved PEMF devices to stimulate the growth of bones. You will notice a difference in the bone density and joint functionality if you use them twice a week.

Here’s what PEMF therapy do with the bones to improve the joint flexibility. It

1. Promotes the flow of electrolytes and ions essential for bone growth. These ions and electrolyte include calcium and phosphorous.

2. Optimize the healthy cellular metabolism to restore the bone density. Moreover, it encourages the formation new blood vessels in bones. Thus, it promotes the blood flow towards the affected areas.

3. Reduce inflammation of joints by improving the lymphatic flow. It will improve the flexibility and functions of joints. 

4. Facilitate the integrity and function of cells membrane. It will also make the joints flexible.

5. PEMF boosts the production and differentiation of the stem cells.  It will promote the bone building. Moreover, PEMF therapy help in the formation of new cartilage by stimulating the stem cells present within the cartilage.

What research says?

PEMF is a therapy that helps manage the osteoporosis, arthritis and back pain. Even it helps the body heal from strains, sprains and injuries. A 2016 review indicates that PEMF devices speed up the bone healing process and reduce pain. So, if you have spinal surgery, injuries and fractures, you must consider PEMF for quick healing.

In another study, PEMF therapy found to reduce the bone loss and stimulate the growth of new tissues.

This therapy is also helpful in treating the knee osteoarthritis. In one study, participants reported improvement in the flexibility and functionality of joints after the use of PEMF devices.

The above findings indicate that you can improve bone and joint health by regularly using PEMF therapy. You can get the therapy at home or by visiting a professional.

But, where can you get PEMF therapy?

Several private clinics offer the services for PEMF therapy. However, if your problem is not severe and you don’t want to visit the clinic, you can buy PEMF devices.

How will you feel after getting a PEMF therapy session?

Every individual have different health issues. Therefore, the effects of PEMF also depend on the lifestyle, and health condition of an individual. Generally, people notice that PEMF

·   Reduces pain

·   Increase joint flexibility and range of motion

·   Boost energy and sense of well-being

·   Increase the motor coordination and communication for better cell performance

Make your bones healthier!

Are you struggling with joint pain, weak bones, arthritis s, osteoporosis, or fibromyalgia?  Most probably, your physician will prescribe you NSAIDs and pain killers. Think twice before taking them. Painkillers are not permanent solution to your problems and have serious side effects. It could lead to peptic ulcers, indigestion, migraines and liver complications.

On the other hand, PEMF therapy by Healthyline.com is a non-invasive therapy.   It will help you manage pain naturally. Moreover, it also has the ability to deal with chronic musculoskeletal pain. No doubt, it’s a great cure and can also increase the bone density. It also promotes better health and active lifestyle.

So, don’t let your joint pain survive and contact a professional to get PEMF therapy. Otherwise, you have to experience complication.


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