5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Drug Addiction Centers

According to the American Psychological Association, deaths related to drug overdoses have increased by 18% since the beginning of 2020.

So, if you’re worried about your increasing drug use due to the stress of these uncertain times, now’s a good time to seek help.

Don’t become another statistic. Get help now with these tips for discovering the best drug addiction centers before it’s too late.

1. Inpatient vs Outpatient Drug Addiction Centers

During inpatient treatment, you’ll spend a few weeks or months residing in the treatment center. You don’t leave the facility until the end of your agreed program. It’s best for those with serious or long-term addiction.

Outpatient treatment is the only option for people who can’t take a break from their family or work commitments for weeks at a time. With this treatment, you report to the facility a specified number of times per week.

2. Comparing Treatment Costs

Inpatient treatment’s an expensive option since it includes around-the-clock supervision, medical professionals on call, food, and accommodation. Some health insurance providers cover all or some of these costs.

You can also opt for different levels of luxury when you opt for inpatient treatment.

Outpatient treatment is a much cheaper option. If you don’t need medically-assisted detox, you can attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings free of charge.

If you don’t feel like drugs have taken over your life yet, an affordable 4-hour drug awareness class could do the trick.

3. References and Reviews

Finding the best treatment for you is a matter of life and death, so don’t leave anything to chance. When you’ve compiled a shortlist of affordable treatment centers that suit your needs and budget, do some research into them.

Online reviews and references from other addicts can help you gauge how successful each one is and if they’re suitable for you.

4. Specialized Treatment Centers

Some rehab facilities focus mainly on treating people addicted to drugs, while others treat only alcoholics or those with gambling or sex addiction.

Many centers focus on treating the addictive behavior itself, rather than refining their treatment toward specific types of addictions.

Although these general treatment centers are equally successful, you might feel more comfortable in a rehab that’s geared solely toward your needs.

Some addiction facilities are gender-specific too.

5. Logistics

If you’re opting for outpatient treatment, it’s important to choose a treatment center located close to your home or place of work.

When it’s a hassle to get to your sessions, you’re more inclined to give up halfway and never enjoy the full benefits of completing the course.

With an inpatient center, the location’s important too. You don’t want to end up too far away for family visits.

Get the Help You Need

There are thousands of drug addiction centers scattered across the country, so there’s bound to one that ticks all your boxes. If you’re struggling to decide, get in touch with your local branch of Narcotics Anonymous.

This organization has a long track record of successfully treating addicts and they can help you with much-needed advice and information.

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